The Paleo Summit – Day 5

On the Paleo Summit, Day 5 we have Denise Minger, a former raw vegan and avid student of nutrition, Chris Kresser, licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine, and Reed Davis, clinical nutritionist and founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN). Denise Minger -  How to Win an Argument with a Vegetarian The Paleo Diet [...]

The Paleo Summit - Day 4

There’s another fantastic line up today! We have Nora Gedgaudas, author of “Primal Body, Primal Mind“, organic chemist Dr. Mat Lalonde, and Amy Kubal, registered dietitian and nutritionist Nora Gedgaudas talks about Safe Starches: To Eat or Not to Eat? Safe starches have received their fair share of attention — and no shortage of controversy [...]

The Original Fruits and Vegetables of the Paleo Diet

  What sort of fruits and vegetables did our Paleo ancestors really eat? Adherents of the Paleo diet make a fuss about eating plant foods, loading up on lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, peppers and more. But are these foods anything like what was foraged 12,000 years ago or more? What were the original fruits and vegetables [...]

The Paleo Summit - Day 3

So who do we have on tap today, at the Paleo Summit day 3? Paul Jaminet, author of “The Perfect Health Diet“, Dr. Tom O’Bryan and Matt Stone of   Paul Jaminet discusses Evolutionary Evidence for the Optimal Human Diet So, where’s the proof? Paul Jaminet serves up five lines of evidence supporting the [...]

The Paleo Summit - Day 2

Who did we hear from day 2 of the Paleo Summit?  Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse started off the show, and talks about Leptin Circadian cycles. Sarah Fragoso on Paleo, Kids, and the Family. And finally Erwan Le Corre who discussed MovNat: Exploring Your True Nature. Dr. Kruse uncovers how leptin resistance lies at the root of [...]

The Paleo Summit is Here - Day 1

The Paleo Summit is here! The first day features Mark Sisson, of Mark’s Daily Apple and Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites. Mark Sisson kicks off the program with a definition of what ancestral living really means. A basic tenet of the Paleo diet is to eat as our ancestors ate, but who were these ancestors? [...]

Paleo Diet News: Civilized Caveman’s Amazing Giveaway!

I just had to share this amazing giveaway from the Civilized Caveman’s Cooking Creations. He is celebrating his first anniversary and is doing so with a bang!  This giveaway is going to ONE person and the value of the prizes total $1800.00! WOW!!!! The prizes include: Royall Tailgater Wood Pellet Grill ($599.00) Paleo Treats Mixed [...]

Another CBS Station, WAFB, Reports on the Paleo Diet

The news about the Paleo diet continues to spread. The latest TV affiliate to pick up the story is WAFB, the CBS station in Baton Rouge, LA. The story focuses on Bethany France who has lost 85 lbs following the Paleo diet, in about 11 months. What a fantastic result! Bethany, like so many of [...]

Paleo Diet Videos: Dr. Joe “Fat-Then-Fit” Leonardi and Calton Nutrition

In conjunction with Barry Cripps “Thursday Link Love” I thought I’d post a few good Paleo Diet videos that I came across this week. Paleo Diet Videos: Dr. Joe “Fat-then-fit” Leonardi The first two Paleo diet videos are from Dr. Joe “Fat-then-fit” Leonardi, chiropractor extraordinaire, who posted two videos as a reply to Dr. Melina [...]

Paleo Diet News: Antidepressant Drugs are no Better than a Placebo

  A segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes last night (Sunday, February 19th), which you can watch below, reported that antidepressant drugs are no better than a placebo for treating mild to moderate depression. I have to say that this conclusion is not a surprise to those in the alternative medicine community. But it is thrilling to [...]