Paleo Diet: Should We Chew Our Children’s Food?

Isn’t it funny how every time a celebrity does something that the rest of the world would deem “weird” or “silly”…..and it happens to get caught on video…..suddenly, everyone in the world is talking about it. Just the other day a video surfaced in the media, of Alicia Silverstone chewing her child’s food, and then [...]

Another Paleo Diet Food Source? Insects! Ewww!

Another Paleo Diet Food Source? Insects! Ewww!

For many of us following the Paleo diet, this means eating the usual stuff: meat (beef, lamb, chicken), fish & seafood, vegetable with limited starches and some nuts and fruit. That’s it. Well, dairy, if you are following the Primal path. But is there another Paleo diet food source that we over look, something that [...]

The Winding Path of Paleo

I’ve been spending some time recently reflecting on my paleo journey: evaluating my progress to date; re-evaluating my goals; and considering my options for the future… Heavy stuff, huh?  Well, this reverie was prompted by the fact that I’ve reached the point where my immersion in paleo literature, paleo-based friendships, and online paleo/primal communities brings [...]

The Paleo Diet and The Asian Paradox

If you’ve been living the Paleo, Primal, or general low-carb lifestyle for any amount of time, you’ve almost certainly heard someone say something along the lines of, “If Carbs are so bad, how come the Chinese eat a ton of rice, but still stay thin?!”. This is actually a good question. After all, if starchy [...]

A Return to the Native Paleo Diet

If you think that the epidemics of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more, have been hard for those of us whose ancestors have been agriculturalists for thousands of years, imagine what is happening to those whose ancestors were hunter-gatherers only yesterday, in evolutionary terms. When the nomadic tribes of Native Americans left the plains and [...]

Paleo Diet Vegetable Latkes

I was going to call this recipe kohlrabi latkes, but then I started to use other vegetables like zucchini, turnips and carrots. Basically you can use any firm root vegetable. Of course the idea was to make low carbohydrate Paleo diet latkes for Hanukkah, instead of the standard potato latkes. Naturally, if you are eating [...]

Paleo Diet Traditions for the New Year

So, it’s the end of 2011, which was an interesting year and by all the signs, 2012 is going to be even more interesting. For the Paleo world, 2011 was the year the movement/diet/lifestyle (what ever you want to call it) really took off. And there are indications that the Paleo diet concept is becoming [...]