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Who are we and why are we doing this?

Lila Solnik, founder of Paleo Diet News

Lila Solnik, founder

Paleodietnews.com started as a much smaller idea (as many great ideas do).  Since we live in different parts of the world we thought it would be a good idea to have a recipe website where we could post our successful creations to share with each other. A suggestion was made that we make it a blog so that other interested people might stumble upon us and maybe find some useful information for themselves. That was the idea. It was to be called The Paleo Family Hearth - generations combining their love of good food with a desire for good health.

Barry Cripps, founding editor and contributor

The idea sat idle for many months while the cares of everyday life were at the forefront of our thoughts. Then someone revived the topic and we began to discuss the project again. Since we had been researching the Paleolithic diet, we had found that there was really no set way to follow it. The idea of what our ancestors ate was being guessed at. There is archeological evidence that supports the tenets of the basic paleo diet, i.e. no grains, legumes or dairy, lots of animal protein, fat, veggies and limited fruits.  But then there is also evidence that that shows hunter-gatherer groups were opportunistic and ate whatever was available in their region. We suspect that the basic paleo diet really comes under that category; people were eating what was abundant in that region. And perhaps one of the main reasons the basic paleo diet is fixed in our minds, is that we have visual evidence that it was so - the cave paintings of beautifully rendered animals being hunted. There are no images of people gathering plant foods, perhaps because it really isn’t exciting. Remember we are talking about homo-sapiens here, us. We are not so different than our paleo ancestors. We still like the excitement of the chase.

Brian Cormack Carr, founding editor and contributor

Since we were a bit adrift as to what to follow or how, the decision was made to broaden the concept of a recipe site to an information site where we could learn about the different ways of the paleo diet and share that information with others. So, Paleo Diet News was born.

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Barry Cripps,Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

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Lila Solnick, Founder of Paleo Diet News

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