Paleo Diet News: Marathon Runners Die of Heart Attacks Too

Paleo Diet News: Marathon Runners Die of Heart Attacks Too

Every now and then, a marathon runner makes it into the news. Most runners would love to become a news headline by breaking records, or winning important races etc, but I don’t think that any runners want to ultimately end up in the news after dying of a heart attack. Obviously no-one wants to die [...]

Paleo Diet: What Can We Learn From The Ice Man?

Stephen Guyenet, of The Whole Health Source blog recently posted an article on his blog entitled “Lessons From Ötzi, the Tyrolean Ice Man. Part I” and then followed it up with Part II on April 17th 2012. At 5,300 year old, Otzi is the worlds oldest natural mummy, who was found in 1991 after being [...]

The Original Fruits and Vegetables of the Paleo Diet

  What sort of fruits and vegetables did our Paleo ancestors really eat? Adherents of the Paleo diet make a fuss about eating plant foods, loading up on lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, peppers and more. But are these foods anything like what was foraged 12,000 years ago or more? What were the original fruits and vegetables [...]

Another Paleo Diet Food Source? Insects! Ewww!

Another Paleo Diet Food Source? Insects! Ewww!

For many of us following the Paleo diet, this means eating the usual stuff: meat (beef, lamb, chicken), fish & seafood, vegetable with limited starches and some nuts and fruit. That’s it. Well, dairy, if you are following the Primal path. But is there another Paleo diet food source that we over look, something that [...]

Paleo Diet Path toward Being Human: Nuts Instead of Fruit

At what point did we begin to veer away from the simian path and get on the road to becoming human? Scientists are always looking for that moment, the moment when we stood upright and freed our hands for uses other than locomotion. And what caused us to stand upright in the first place? Anthropologists [...]

Killing Some Sacred Cows of the Paleo Diet

Killing Some Sacred Cows of the Paleo Diet

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s article on the winding path of paleo, I thought it would be worth posting this fascinating discussion between Harvard University’s Matt Lalonde and Steve from Evolution: This View Of Life. It’s of particular interest, because - as you’ll see - Lalonde takes a scientific approach to evolutionary nutrition that amounts [...]

The Winding Path of Paleo

I’ve been spending some time recently reflecting on my paleo journey: evaluating my progress to date; re-evaluating my goals; and considering my options for the future… Heavy stuff, huh?  Well, this reverie was prompted by the fact that I’ve reached the point where my immersion in paleo literature, paleo-based friendships, and online paleo/primal communities brings [...]

Sun Exposure Habits of our Paleo Diet Ancestors

    We all know that our exposure to the sun is vastly different from that of our Paleo ancestors. Nearly all of their activity took place outside, under the sky, when the weather was pleasant or at least bearable. Today, most of us spend most of our time indoors under artificial light, unless our [...]

The Paleo Diet Lifestyle of Hunting and Gathering

The question of whether or not agriculture has been of benefit to humanity is one that periodically crosses my mind. Yes, our lives are far more comfortable. I admit that there are many aspects of our way of living which agriculture has afforded us that I would be loathed to give up.   Nearly everything we [...]

A Return to the Native Paleo Diet

If you think that the epidemics of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more, have been hard for those of us whose ancestors have been agriculturalists for thousands of years, imagine what is happening to those whose ancestors were hunter-gatherers only yesterday, in evolutionary terms. When the nomadic tribes of Native Americans left the plains and [...]

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