Paleo Diet: More Bad Journalism About Meat

You possibly saw the coverage in the press this week of the highly publicised “processed meat may increase pancreatic cancer” studies.  If not, head over to this Guardian article for a particularly potent example of why it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea if journalists were forever banned from interpreting scientific data.  Or, at the very [...]

The Paleo Diet Hunter-Gatherers: The Hadza

Periodically, we hear of a few paleolithic tribes still in existence trying to continue their traditional way of life in spite of the pressures of the modern world. An article on the Pacific Palisade website discusses one such group, the Hadza, a tribe of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania. It is astonishing that they have managed to [...]

The Paleoindian Paleo Diet in Pennsylvania

Archeology and anthropology are extremely interesting fields of study in which I have an amateur interest. I especially love it when I can tie that interest in with the Paleo diet. So when I read the blog “This Week in Pennsylvania Archeology” about the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission’s choice of the “Pennsylvania Foodways” as [...]

Paleo Diet News: The Truth Behind ‘The China Study’

There can be no doubt that T. Colin Campbell’s book ‘The China Study’ is one that has gained considerable prominence amongst nutritionists from all backgrounds, not least because it proclaims itself as ‘the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted’. Some hold it up as the manifesto which proves the sense of a plant-based, vegan diet (the [...]

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