Paleo Diet News: Toxic Sugar

Is main stream medicine finally catching on that the food Americans consume on a daily basis is poison? Last night (April 1, 2012), Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reported on CBS’ 60 Minutes in a segment called “Is Sugar Toxic?”, that sugar is a toxin, which has been wrecking havoc with our health for the last 30 [...]

Paleo Diet News: Antidepressant Drugs are no Better than a Placebo

  A segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes last night (Sunday, February 19th), which you can watch below, reported that antidepressant drugs are no better than a placebo for treating mild to moderate depression. I have to say that this conclusion is not a surprise to those in the alternative medicine community. But it is thrilling to [...]

Another Reason to Follow the Paleo Diet - Antibiotics in our Food… AGAIN

If ever there was another reason to follow the Paleo diet and eat food that is as pure as possible, this is it. The FDA is allowing meat producers to continue to add antibiotics to the food fed to animals in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). This continues to threaten the health of the meat [...]

Is the Paleo Diet Conservative?

This is not a question that I had ever considered asking myself before, “is the Paleo diet conservative?” I figured it was an eating plan, a lifestyle, basically a way of living to improve one’s health that was entirely unconnected to politics. But there is one conservative writer who seems to think it is. Jack [...]

Aspirin & Statins: Do Drugs Prevent Disease?

Two recent reports on how well (or otherwise) prescription and counter-top drugs prevent disease caught my eye this week. The first outlined a longitudinal study comparing the effectiveness of drugs vs. vitamins in preventing disease, and concluded that during the 27 year period of the study, there had been zero verified deaths as a result of [...]

Paleo Diet: The 6 Horrifying Lies of the Food Industry

Pauli Poisuo of Cracked.com has taken a look at our food supply. His article “The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You“, lists things that the food industry does to our food that will make you rethink eating ANYTHING that comes out of a bottle or cardboard box. While the article is [...]

Paleo Diet: The FDA and Supplements

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues its battle against the health of the citizens in of the US. This battle has included the approval of drugs for diseases with known cures (diabetes, for example) and of course food and vitamins supplements. According to the FDA dietary supplements cannot prevent or help treat disease. Even [...]

Fat Phobia on the Paleo Diet

It’s gratifying that the paleo diet and lifestyle are becoming better known and increasingly discussed as a way of achieving vibrant health.  However, a concerning trend is becoming more and more apparent - namely, that of paleo pundits advising that the diet is based around the consumption of lean meats.  This recent article is a [...]

Vegans, the UN and the Paleo Diet

The U.N. wants us all to be vegan. No, really it’s true. The video below is a propaganda piece about a report written to justify pushing humanity toward a vegan diet. The video is also filled with not too subtle messages about meat consumption. The basis for the reasoning behind the U.N.’s push is because [...]

Rawesome Foods Raided by the LA Sheriff’s Office, FDA, CDC, Dept of Agriculture

Yesterday evening I posted the article below while still rather upset at the news of the raid on Rawesome Food’s facitility. I have since learned that they were operating without a license and had been doing so since opening in 2007. From YoVenice website  : Rawesome, a health market in Venice, failed to obtain a [...]

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