Paleo Diet News: Dr. Jack Kruse at TEDxNashville

The video of Dr. Jack Kruse at TEDxNashville has been released and boy, it was fascinating, at least to me. I have been anticipating this ever since Dr. Kruse mentioned that he was going to be presenting at TED. I have been sort of following his progress with the Leptin Reset Prescription and Cold Thermogenesis [...]

Paleo Diet Nutritional Blogs - Are We Dangerous?

Nutritional blogs are everywhere over the web, giving information and advice as to how to live a healthy lifestyle. Some focus on specific conditions like cancer, diabetes and celiac disease. Other focus on simply eating better to regain health. And the advice is all over the map, from low-fat, reduced calorie, to vegetarian and vegan [...]

The Paleo Diet and Seasonal Eating

Are you eating cantelope in January? How about apples in April? If you are then you are eating out of season, a practice which may not serve you or your body well. Our bodies metabolism changes with the seasons, with the length of the day and temperature. Even if you are living in equatorial regions, [...]

Paleo Diet Review: Paleo Treats

Paleo Diet Review: Paleo Treats

May 1st is the one year anniversary of Paleo Diet News. It’s been a fantastic first year for us and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you. To help celebrate Paleo Treats will be running a special discount for us for the next 3 weeks [...]

Paleo Diet Videos: The Strenuous Life, Sugar and Bullying

Paleo Diet Videos: The Strenuous Life, Sugar and Bullying

Dr. Joe “FatthenFitnow” Leonardi’s videos this week cover important and interesting topics. This week he discusses our activity level and what has happened to it, more about sugar, obesity and bullying. and how he became morbidly obese. The Strenuous Life, Sugar and Bullying What Ever Happened to the Strenuous Life? This first video is about [...]

Paleo Diet’s Dr. Joe “FatthenFitnow” Leonardi - Toxic Sugar Videos

  I am going to be creating a somewhat regular feature here on Paleo Diet News, featuring the videos of Dr. Joe “FatthenFitnow” Leonardi, chiropractor extraordinaire from Kingston PA. He is a low carbohydrate/Paleo diet proponent who has successfully regained his health, and in doing so has lost a significant amount of weight as well. [...]

Paleo Diet News: Toxic Sugar

Is main stream medicine finally catching on that the food Americans consume on a daily basis is poison? Last night (April 1, 2012), Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reported on CBS’ 60 Minutes in a segment called “Is Sugar Toxic?”, that sugar is a toxin, which has been wrecking havoc with our health for the last 30 [...]

The Best Way to Eat Eggs on the Paleo Diet

Eggs are a major staple of the Paleo diet., or they seem to be among the Paleo practitioners I know. And they should be. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and fat and are full of nutrients like vitamins E and A and omega-3. They are also relatively inexpensive - a great value for [...]

The Paleo Diet and Superfoods – Part 4: Mushrooms

In this ongoing series on superfoods (read parts one, two, and three), we now get to the mushrooms, those lovely magical fungi. Well, there ARE magical mushrooms, but those are NOT the sort I am talking about. The mushrooms I’m talking about have the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.  ‘They [...]

Paleo Diet News: Gary Taubes on the Red Meat Study

This morning I posted a somewhat humorous take on the whole “red meat increases death” debacle since I knew, through the methodology of the study, that it was likely to be incorrect. Since others had covered why it was wrong, I didn’t see the need to beat it up here. But I would like to [...]

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