Paleo Diet News: Dr. Jack Kruse at TEDxNashville

The video of Dr. Jack Kruse at TEDxNashville has been released and boy, it was fascinating, at least to me. I have been anticipating this ever since Dr. Kruse m

entioned that he was going to be presenting at TED.

I have been sort of following generic cialis his progress with the Leptin Reset Prescription and Cold Thermogenesis (CT). What I have read has been intriguing and I’ve been wanting to

learn more. In fact I printed out all of the posts from his site regarding CT, but have not yet read the over 100 pages fully.

The video goes into what he’s been up to, briefly, but it is still extremely interesting. Very basically Dr. Kruse seems to have found a way, using evolutionary biology, circadian rhythms and biochemistry, to lose weight quickly, heal the body at an accelerated rate and to resist infection. In short. he may have found away for humans to attain optimal health.

Dr. Jack Kruse at TEDxNashville

In June of 2011, Nashville neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse began blogging about his findings as a formerly obese American who lost 133 pounds in a year. His discoveries came in a fight for his life as a patient that doctors couldn’t heal. After devouring everything he could find on biochemistry, metabolism and evolutionary biology, he connected the dots and made three major discoveries, two of which have been unleashed

to the public. Jack is going to reveal what Michael Phelps, Lance Armstrong, Sherpas, winter, circadian rhythms, chronic pain, leptin, and Ferrari engines all have in common — and how their collective wisdom can change healthcare in America by empowering patients to reverse their diseases and change their lives for good without drugs, surgery or chronic pain.



I encourage you to go to Dr Kruse’s website and learn about the remarkable, highly unconventional work he’s been doing. And if you think what he’s been doing is dangerous or just too far off the norm, I leave you with this wonderful video made by Apple Computer in 1997. Narrated by Steve Jobs.



What do you think about Dr. Jack Kruse’s work and this presentation at TEDxNashville? Is he too far gone? A genius? Or just a man determined to help others? Please leave your comments below. And please share this on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Thank You!


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  1. Paleo Suz May 2, 2012 at 6:32 am

    Glad you’ve posted these - can’t wait to watch!