Steve Cooksey Decides to Bite Back!

Steve Cooksey Decides to Bite Back!

We all know that Steve Cooksey is a great guy, with good intentions, but sometimes when push comes to shove, even nice guys decide that it’s time to pull out the M61 Vulcan Cannon, strap the ammo box to their back, connect the ammo chain, and buy cheap lasix get ready to rumble. It became [...]

Paleo Diet News: It Looks Like Steve Cooksey Is Off The Hook

A little over a week ago, on April 27th 2012, Steve Cooksey of the Diabetes Warrior blog, released information on his blog telling the world that he was under investigation by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutritionists, for providing unlicensed dietary advice from his website. You can read the announcement post here, in [...]

Paleo Diet Nutritional Blogs - Are We Dangerous?

Nutritional blogs are everywhere over the web, giving information and advice as to how to live a healthy lifestyle. Some focus on specific conditions like cancer, diabetes and celiac disease. Other focus on simply eating better to regain health. And the advice is all over the map, from low-fat, reduced calorie, to vegetarian and vegan [...]

Paleo Diet Videos: Robb Wolf Saving Reno

You may have already heard Robb Wolf talking about the project that he’s working on with the City of Reno in California. If you haven’t, you’ll be excited when you hear that Robb has been commissioned to basically provide a Paleo intervention for all of the city officials, like the police and the fire department, [...]

The Best Way to Eat Eggs on the Paleo Diet

Eggs are a major staple of the Paleo diet., or they seem to be among the Paleo practitioners I know. And they should be. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and fat and are full of nutrients like vitamins E and A and omega-3. They are also relatively inexpensive - a great value for [...]

Paleo Diet: The Truth About Serotonin

As a follow-up to Lila’s article yesterday on antidepressants, I thought a little info on serotonin was in order. So everyone knows that serotonin is the “feel good” hormone, right? Low levels of serotonin are the reason why so many people are depressed and anxious, which can be helped by taking prescribed SSRIs, or supplements [...]

Paleo Diet News: Antidepressant Drugs are no Better than a Placebo

  A segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes last night (Sunday, February 19th), which you can watch below, reported that antidepressant drugs are no better than a placebo for treating mild to moderate depression. I have to say that this conclusion is not a surprise to those in the alternative medicine community. But it is thrilling to [...]

Paleo Diet News: Vitamin D and Sudden Infant Death

Vitamin D deficiency can cause diseases like rickets. Radiograph of a two-year-old rickets sufferer, courtesy of Wikipedia. Some very sombre news reports have highlighted an important issue in the UK media this week: the role of vitamin D deficiency in instances of Sudden Infant Death. This BBC news report notes that there have been calls [...]

Another Reason to Follow the Paleo Diet - Antibiotics in our Food… AGAIN

If ever there was another reason to follow the Paleo diet and eat food that is as pure as possible, this is it. The FDA is allowing meat producers to continue to add antibiotics to the food fed to animals in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). This continues to threaten the health of the meat [...]

Paleo Diet News: Faint Praise for Fat

I was directed towards an interesting UK news story today - a report in the Daily Telegraph announcing that researchers have found that the idea that fried food automatically causes heart disease is, in fact, a myth.  Hooray! I thought.  At last they’re catching up with us paleo types, and making friends with fat. Not quite.  It turns out [...]

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