Paleo Diet Videos: Robb Wolf Saving Reno

You may have already heard Robb Wolf talking about the project that he’s working on with the City of Reno in California. If you haven’t, you’ll be excited when you hear that Ro

bb has been commissioned to basically provide a Paleo intervention for all of the city officials, like the police and the fire department, to help improve their health. I think this is really exciting for the Paleo Movement, and I’m sure you will too.

Robb posted an interesting blog article about the project called “Paleo Diet Risk Assessment” on his blog dated Monday, april 16th 2012. The article talks about how the participants health were managed in the past, and where the project is

going, now that Robb is on-board:

“Normally we have a testimonial on Mondays, but I have something to share with you that is important enough to break tradition a little. If you’ve listened to the podcasts you might have heard me mention a risk assessment program sponsored by the City of Reno. I did a radio show talking about this program, a little about it’s history and where we need to steer our collective boat if we are to avoid the looming economic catastrophe that is type 2 diabetes and obesity. You can listen to that show here, just click on the link for the April 14th show.

That’s a good overview of what we are up to, how this program came to be, but I’d like to go more into the history of the program and really explore the implications if programs like this are broadly embraced. I try not to hype things too

much but folks, this could be world changing.”

I have to agree Robb. The effects of this big step in the right direction could definitely make massive waves that will be felt across the country. This could actually be the one thing that is able to take Paleo to the masses.

“Where the program is going

Since I’ve become a part of the group the paleo/anti-inflammatory/gut health message has been ramping up. As good as the results have been with the current intervention it was clear when I started looking at lab work that many of these folks were still suffering from autoimmune/systemic inflammatory issues. Tightening the message about grains, getting vit-d levels up and tackling the sleep/shift work issues in a more aggressive way has already produced impressive (but not surprising) results. I’ll share that info as it is made available. Our Chief of Police is presenting at a huge law enforcement conference later in the month and he will be sharing this information to several hundred key personnel. People who are in the position to make policy and affect change. Keep your fingers crossed.”

This could be Robb Wolf Saving Reno!

The videos posted at the end of the article are great, so I thought I’d post them here for you to enjoy. They’re only around 10 minutes long each, but it’s always great to hear Robb speak about Paleo, because he does so with such authority and passion.


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