Paleo Diet News: Vitamin D and Sudden Infant Death

Vitamin D deficiency can cause diseases like rickets. Radiograph of a two-year-old rickets sufferer, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Some very sombre news reports have highlighted an important issue in the UK media this week: the role of vitamin D deficiency in instances of Sudden Infant Death.

This BBC news report notes that there have been calls for a probe into this link after two senior paediatric pathologists discovered evidence of vitamin D deficiency in a significant number of children who have suffered Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  The important role of vitamin D in human health has been covered previously in Paleo Diet News, here.

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What makes this report and others like it so tragic is that it suggests that there are instances of couples being prosecuted - maybe even imprisoned - for killing their children by shaking, when in fact the injuries are caused by severe rickets (which is, in turn, caused by a deficiency of vitamin D).

The pathologists’ findings, in children from London and Yorkshire, followed the discovery in 2009 of congenital rickets in a four-month-old baby whose parents had been accused of shaking him to death.  Chana Al-Alas,19, and Rohan Wray, 22, were acquitted of murdering their son Jayden after the jury learned that the fractures which killed him - put forward by the prosecution as telltale signs of abuse - could have been caused by his severe rickets. Rickets were also discovered in Jayden’s mother, indicating a strong relationship between the nutritional status of the mother and child.

Michael Turner QC, who defended Miss Al-Alas, has strongly criticized the lack of knowledge about vitamin D deficiency of some of the expert witnesses at the trial.  To followers of Paleo Diet News, this may not come as a huge surprise -

if you know anything about nutrition, it’s a pretty sound bet that you didn’t learn it from your doctor.

Perhaps this provides yet more evidence of the importance of taking charge of our own nutritional health - and that of our children.  Certainly, it’s a compelling indication of the link between vitamin D and Sudden Infant Death.

You can learn more about this story in the following BBC Radio 4 Today Programme broadcast.

For more information on vitamin D and its important role in any diet - paleo diet or otherwise - check out the Vitamin D Council’s website.

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