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Paleo Diet - First Month Review

Zac Sky’s results on being on a paleo diet for one month. I like the modifications that he made for himself, the decision to have some milk in his coffee and to eat potatoes occasionally. Our paleo ancestors were opportunists. Root veggies like potatoes would certainly have been on the menu once in a while. [...]

Beef Up Your Label Knowledge

A good article about the terms beef producers can use to label the level of quality of their product. Since pastured beef is necessarily more expensive, it is good to know what you are getting when purchasing other less expensive quality levels. It is a bit alarming that “All Natural” does NOT mean no hormones [...]

7 Ways to Read an Egg Carton

A good list of terms to have on hand when shopping for eggs in your local supermarket. The best eggs are pasture raised since the hens are not fed grains and allowed to eat what they naturally would eat, grass, flowers, insects, etc. Their eggs are superior and are high in nutrients. Yolks range in [...]

Breckenridge: Eat like a caveman

Dan Messinger of Breckenridge made news in his hometown paper by eating a paleo diet. Good for him! Hopefully he will inspire others in his community to look more closely at what they eat and change their food selections. Messinger follows a hunter-gatherer diet, which is based off foods eaten during the Paleolithic era. Breckenridge [...]

The Paleo Diet: Eat Like a Cavewoman and Lose Weight?

While this article “The Paleo Diet: Eat Like a Cavewoman and Lose Weight?” has listed the basic points of eating paleo, it seems a bit tongue in cheek, as though it’s not a serious way to live. She mentions that some nutritionists are against Paleo diets because of restrictions. Restrictions? The only restrictions are not [...]