7 Ways to Read an Egg Carton

A good list of terms to have on hand when shopping for eggs in your local supermarket. The best eggs are pasture raised since the hens are not fed grains and allowed to eat what they naturally would eat, grass, flowers, insects, etc. Their eggs are superior and are high in nutrients. Yolks range in color from deep yellow to orange, if they’ve been eating grass. And for taste, there is nothing better. If you cannot get pastured then take you pick of “free-range”, “cage-free” or organic.ᅠ

Happy Eggs from happy hens

The hens eat vegetarian feed, with no animal slaughterhouse products. Hens must live in an open space, not a cage or a coop, but the “open space” can be inside a crowded hen house. Both organic and conventional hens can be cage-free. …

The best solution is to look for a local source for your eggs. There are more and more people keeping hens for eggs in towns and cities all across the US.

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