Paleo Diet Videos: The Strenuous Life, Sugar and Bullying

Dr. Joe “FatthenFitnow” Leonardi’s videos this

week cover important and interesting topics. This week he discusses our activity level and what has happened to it, more about sugar, obesity and bullying. and how he became morbidly obese.

The Strenuous Life, Sugar and Bullying

What Ever Happened to the Strenuous Life?

This first video is about living the Strenuous Life. Where did it go? How did we go from being active to sedentary? Not that long ago we used be so much more active. If you are following the Paleo diet lifestyle, consider how different your level of physical activity is today than that of our Paleo ancestors. Everything we do in our lives has been mechanized and made “easier” so that we don’t sweat too much. As Dr. Joe says many of us take the elevator in a two story building! Consider how we evolved. We walked everywhere, we climbed trees to get to food sources, we ran in spurts to chase prey or to not become prey. These activities and more were a daily occurrence.

Our physical structure and health is dependent upon continuing a similar level of activity. But our ingenuity in inventing tools to ease our lives has created a health crisis where doing physical work is now limited to lifting our forks to our mouths.


Let’s make this a challenge. See how much additional physical activity you can add to your day. Walk up the stairs in your office building. Walk to the store with a backpack and carry your groceries home. If you have a yard with a lawn, buy a push mower. Be creative. Think of ways you can increase your level of activity that will work in your life. I gave some suggestions as to how you might do that in an article about chores. You can check it out here.


Soda: The Grim Reaper’s Sugary Scythe

This next video is all about soda and sugar. Did you know that a 20 ounce bottle of soda has an average 17 teaspoons of sugar in it?! Wow! And so many people drink several of these everyday. That IS a lot of sugar. Can you imagine the havoc that wrecks upon your liver and pancreas?


Soda is truly liquid poison!


Childhood Obesity, Bullying and The Fat Boy Chronicles

Here Dr. Joe reveals a bit about his childhood experience as an overweight boy and the bullying he experienced. He gives some awesome advice on how to deal with a child in your life who is overweight. He also highly recommends watching “The Fat Boy Chronicles“.


Thank you Dr. Joe for sharing something that is so close to your heart.


How MY poor decisions caused my morbid obesity

Some of you may be wondering, how did Dr. Joe became so overweight. In this video he discusses the events that led to his condition in the past.


Thank you for pointing out that we all have a choice in the decisions we make regarding our lives and our health.


These videos about the strenuous life, sugar, bullying and obesity are just a sample of the topics that Dr. Joe Leonardi has covered. I encourage you to share these videos with family and friends. You never know what impact a small bit of information will have. I also encourage you subscribe to his

I would like to thank Dr. Joe Leonardi for continuing to make these terrific contributions to Paleo diet discussion and to the discussion on good health and fitness in general.



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