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"Fat Then, Fit Now: : A Life Beyond Weight Loss" by Dr. Joe Leonardi

I am going to be creating a somewhat regular feature here on Paleo Diet News, featuring the videos of Dr. Joe “FatthenFitnow” Leonardi, chiropractor extraordinaire from Kingston PA. He is a low carbohydrate/Paleo diet proponent who has successfully regained his health, and in doing so has lost a significant amount of weight as well. At his heaviest, he weighed a “ponderous pachydermian” 340 lbs. I’ve been watching his videos now for several months and I

really like his messages. They deserve a wider audience.

This series of videos are all about the CBS 60 Minutes broadcast “Is Sugar Toxic? I reported on this segment at the time and while I was thrilled that the main stream media had done this report, I also had (and still do) some concerns about the message that was given. So does Dr. Joe.

In this first video he makes an important request of his viewers - to come together, regardless of the diet that one follows, and seize the opportunity that Dr. Lustig has created with his interview on 60 Minutes and his presentation video which went viral.



Here Dr. Leonardi expands a bit on his reaction to the 60 Minutes segment and addresses the concern that I have about it. That people will start to use more artificial sweeteners. He also give Paleo Diet News a little plug. The article he mentions in the video is here.



With a desire to help you kick the sugar habit Dr. Joe shares his amazing secret as to how he did it. How many of you have guts to do this to break your sugar addiction?



So there you have the first of what I hope will be many video posts featuring the Paleo diet’s Dr. Joe “FatthenFitnow” Leonardi. Please let me know what you think about this. Were you helped and informed? Or just plain bored? Please leave your comments below. And if you liked it enough, please share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media outlets.




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