Another CBS Station, WAFB, Reports on the Paleo Diet

The news about the Paleo diet continues to spread. The latest TV affiliate to pick up the story is WAFB, the CBS station in Baton Rouge, LA.

The story focuses on Bethany France who has lost 85 lbs following the Paleo diet, in about 11 months. What a fantastic result! Bethany, like so many of us tried many different eating plans without any success. In fact these diets probably made her condition worse since before she started the Paleo diet she was overweight, borderline diabetic, and had poor cholesterol numbers. The change wasn’t easy. When she started she went to Geaux Crossfit:

“I remember sitting in the parking lot for 20 minutes crying,” said Bethany France.

She can laugh about it now, but 11 months ago, those tears spurred this self-proclaimed fat mom to take the first steps on her journey to a new life.

“The people going into the gym didn’t look like me. They were fit. They looked like athletes,” she explained.

But she went in, in spite of fear and doubt, and started on the path toward great health!


The Paleo Diet has worked for France and others like her. So far, she’s lost 85 pounds by eating like a caveman, or cavewoman.

“Before Paleo, I was relying on things like Hamburger Helper and processed foods in a box that made cooking quicker,” France admitted.

Today, her kitchen is a mecca to fresh produce. It has squash, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage and anything else she can find at the local farmer’s market. And, she’s traded spice for salt and pepper. The other thing France noticed after she stared the Paleo Diet is it was easy for her.

“The reason, I think, it’s been easier than other diets is because I’m never hungry,” she said.

I’m not quite sure why she’s “traded spice for salt and pepper”. Spices are totally acceptable on the Paleo diet. But the important thing is that it’s working really well for Bethany.

As always, these news affiliates must consult a nutritionist who usually throws some water on the fire. The CBS station WAFB consulted nutritionist Audrey Horn about the Paleo diet.

There are no points, no counting calories and no hunger. Does it seem too good to be true? Maybe, but certified nutritionist and wellness consultant Audrey Horn said the diet works.

“But, it’s not really sustainable for everyone,” she added……

……”This is meant for people who are active,” Horn said. “I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are sedentary.”

She explained because eating like a caveman is a little higher in saturated fats, Paleo dieters also need to sweat like a caveman…….

I’m not sure where the “not sustainable” aspect comes in. I would say that everyone can do the Paleo diet, but you have to adjust it for your own condition. And the fact that there is more saturated fat in the Paleo diet is irrelevant, as we reported on here, here and here. It is now known that saturated fat does not make you fat. In fact, it is essential to good health. And while physical activity is extremely important, one can adjust the diet for the level of activity that you participate in. You don’t have to be very physically active to succeed. Adjust your diet according to your activity levels. I wish these TV stations would consult with nutritionists who have done their homework..

But Bethany is thrilled with the results, and THAT is what is important

And, she sings the praises of Paleo to anyone who will listen, whether it’s on her Fat Mom blog, or in person.

“It’s really hard for me now, to see people that are where I was 100 pounds ago. It’s really difficult to see people struggling with their weight and I know they’re unhappy. I know they’re uncomfortable. I know they can’t sleep at night. I know they have no energy because I was there. And, not beg them to try it for 30 days,” France added.

And I am glad to see that  another CBS Station, WAFB has reported on the Paleo Diet. The more people who know about this way of living, the better. Stay tuned to this blog….. we will be watching for more main stream news reports about the Paleo diet.

Do you have

a Paleo success story like Bethany’s that you’d like to tell the world? Please share your story and any other comments below. Also, please share this story with you friends everywhere. Thanks for visiting!



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2 Responses to Another CBS Station, WAFB, Reports on the Paleo Diet

  1. Leanne Wheeler February 25, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    ” Is not sustainable”…really??…really??….I have been doing the paleo thing for almost 6 months now. I am in better health then I ever was on my Doctor approved “Diabetics Diet”…so much better than the insulin shots I started taking AFTER I went my Doctor approved diet, ( which was supposed to get my diabetes under control)…I am now OFF those awful shots. I am off all of my High blood pressure and High Cholesterol meds. I am also off all my diabetes meds except one. The bonus is with adding exercise to my day I am down to 208 from 243 pounds..
    I dont know how that woman can say this is not sustainable, Thus way of eating as been keeping humans alive for how many millions of years? How can she say its not sustainable? It’s not like I am going to stop eating and living like this, and start adding the the processed foods back into my diet. There is no diet to get to the end of, no Goal to meet. This is who I am now, how I now live. This way of living is sustainable, for the rest of my very long, healthy sweaty life. Also I enjoy sweating like a cave man, sure beats blobbing around on the sofa like Jabba the Hut, mindless shoveling Franken food, gasping for air with each breath (which is how I used to be on my doctor approved diet). I would like to ask this woman, “So what’s wrong with sweating and movement? Why is moving more than you sit such a bad thing”?…Yes I am a sweaty cave woman and I wouldnt want to live any other way!

    • Lila Solnick February 25, 2012 at 1:44 pm

      Thanks for the rant Leanne! The “not sustainable” comment got to me too. :)