The Paleo Summit - Day 2

Who did we hear from day 2 of the Paleo Summit?  Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse started off the show, and talks about Leptin Circadian cycles. Sarah Fragoso on Paleo, Kids, and the Family. And finally Erwan Le Corre who discussed MovNat: Exploring Your True Nature.

Dr. Kruse uncovers how leptin resistance lies at the root of inflammation, obesity, and chronic disease. He also shares how he lost 133 pounds in a single year by correcting the “biological mismatches” that were once prevalent in his life. These are some of the questions Dr. Kruse addresses.

  • What is leptin?
  • Is obesity a disease?
  • How do video game contribute to childhood obesity?
  • How do people become leptin resistant and how does this effect other hormones in the body?
  • Is a calorie a calorie?
  • Has agriculture slowed evolution?

This was a fascinating presentation. Learn the real reasons why we get fat!


Transitioning a family to a paleolithic diet can be challenging. Author, wife, and mother of three, Sarah Fragoso rolls out a practical, realistic strategy for having a Paleo family. Some of the questions Sarah answers are:

  • Does the transition to Paleo happen overnight?
  • Should kids eat what their parents eat?
  • Does all or nothing work for children?
  • In transitioning your family, what else do you need to change besides diet?
  • How can people successfully manage change?

I love this interview with Sarah Fragoso. If you think that getting your family to eat a Paleo diet is hard, listen to what she has to say about making the transition. It’s easier and more fun than you think!


Our ancestors never set foot in a health club. Instead, they stayed lean and physical fit by moving instinctually — walking, running, crawling, jumping, climbing, and more. Erwan presents how to regain your instincts for meaningful movement by moving naturally. These are just a few of the questions Erwan discusses:

  • How did we become out of touch with our bodies?
  • Is it ever too late to reestablish our connection to natural movement?
  • What is MovNat?
  • How does MovNat differ from other fitness programs?
  • Who can do MovNat?
  • How do you do MovNat in an urban environment?

The connection between our minds and bodies has been lost in this modern age. Erwan Le Corre explains how MovNat can help us reconnect to the natural way we were meant to move.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and listen in. If you miss any of the days you can buy the entire Paleo Summit for $67 DURING the summit only. That is a terrific price for what is essentially an intense course on the diet that will shape the rest of your life. After the summit is over the price goes up to $99. Still a bargain, but why wait?Buying the Paleo Summit means you have it to listen to when ever you want. Click here to buy the Summit.

Tomorrow we will hear from:

Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. – Author, Perfect Health Diet
The Evolutionary Evidence for the Optimal Human Diet
So, where’s the proof? Paul Jaminet serves up five lines of evidence supporting the perfect macronutrient ratios — carbohydrates, protein, and fats. He also shares the logic and rationale behind his controversial concept of safe starches.
Dr. Thomas O’Bryan – Gluten Sensitivity Expert
The Musculoskeletal Connection to Autoimmune Disease
The most basic Paleo Diet recommendation is the removal of gluten. But did you know that gluten sensitivity goes well beyond the digestive tract? Dr. O’Bryan reveals the latest research on how gluten consumption may lead to autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, and muscle pain without

digestive symptoms.

Matt Stone – Independent Health Researcher
Matt Stone Debunks The Paleo Diet
Is the Paleo diet a short-term fix? Are there any long-term side effects stemming from this way of eating? Matt Stone thinks so. Find out why Matt believes that claims regarding carb-induced insulin resistance are no more than a “scientific fairy tale”. And learn how Matt has been able to help people recover their health on a diet high in starches — sometimes with grains and refined sugars!


Another great line up of interviews! Get on and listen. These presentations are up for only 24 hours, but if you miss them you can buy the entire Paleo Summit for only $67!


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