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The Paleo Summit - Day 2

Who did we hear from day 2 of the Paleo Summit?  Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse started off the show, and talks about Leptin Circadian cycles. Sarah Fragoso on Paleo, Kids, and the Family. And finally Erwan Le Corre who discussed MovNat: Exploring Your True Nature. Dr. Kruse uncovers how leptin resistance lies at the root of [...]

A Day’s Snacking on the Paleo Diet

A Day’s Snacking on the Paleo Diet

Another “hit and run” article from me today due to continuing I.T. issues.  No, I haven’t taken leave of my senses - I’ve already blogged about the role of snacking in the paleo diet.  For those of you know want to tackle the munchies when they strike (or who want a fast meal) here are [...]

A Day’s Eating on the Paleo Diet

Today, I’m going to be brief!  Internet issues mean I keep getting booted offline, so I figure I’ve got just about enough time to post these three videos, which make up a day’s eating on the paleo diet: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Enjoy! Breakfast Lunch Dinner So there you have it - a day’s eating [...]

Another CBS Station, WAFB, Reports on the Paleo Diet

The news about the Paleo diet continues to spread. The latest TV affiliate to pick up the story is WAFB, the CBS station in Baton Rouge, LA. The story focuses on Bethany France who has lost 85 lbs following the Paleo diet, in about 11 months. What a fantastic result! Bethany, like so many of [...]

Insomnia and the Paleo Diet

This week, in the space of the just 24 hours, I’ve received two separate comments about insomnia and the paleo diet.  The first was from a work colleague who has been giving paleo a try, having seen the fun I’ve had with it.  He told me that after just a week of paleo eating, he’s slept better than he [...]

The Paleo Diet and Superfoods - Part 2: Fruits & Nuts

This next installment about the Paleo diet and superfoods explores fruits and nuts that have superior nutritional value. In the first article in this series we looked at green superfoods such has wheat and barley grasses, blue-green algae, Spirulina and more, and how these can help us improve our health. Fruits and nuts contain antioxidants [...]

Pale Diet News: The Paleo Summit

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to learn. The first ever Paleo Summit is taking place February 26 - March 3. What is the Paleo Summit? It is a series of presentations given on-line over the course of several days. Presented by Sean Croxton of, this summit is filled with presentations by some of [...]

Another Paleo Diet Food Source? Insects! Ewww!

Another Paleo Diet Food Source? Insects! Ewww!

For many of us following the Paleo diet, this means eating the usual stuff: meat (beef, lamb, chicken), fish & seafood, vegetable with limited starches and some nuts and fruit. That’s it. Well, dairy, if you are following the Primal path. But is there another Paleo diet food source that we over look, something that [...]

Paleo Diet: Sunday Link Love!

  As usual, there’s a wealth of great information being shared on paleo diet blogs all round the web.  Here, in Sunday Link Love is a selection of just a few…. The Food + Tech Connect blog shared a fascinating microcamera eyes’ view of the passage of different types of food through the human digestive system.  [...]

Organizing Your Paleo Diet Kitchen: The Refrigerator

I was searching the Web for ideas on organizing my refrigerator since it’s almost like a black hole. Food goes in, seems to disappear for a while, then reemerges shriveled and spoiled. Part of the problem for me is a lack of planning, but most of the time I just don’t see what I’ve bought [...]