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Primal Wisdom: The Case of the Missing Extinctions

Very interesting hypothesis. I am not sure that I agree entirely with the idea that humans hunted the large critters of northern climes into extinction, although to some small extent it may have been true. Another consideration is climate change. When the glaciers receded the land changed and it could no longer support mega-life.ᅠ If [...]

Eating Out On The Primal Diet

Great advice and easy to follow. Just did this today at Old Country Buffet when I met a friend for lunch. They had some very good baked chicken (it wasn’t salty for a change). They always have baby greens on the salad bar along with other fresh veggies and paleo friendly toppings. Rather easy to [...]

Primal Minded Practitioners?

Are you considering becoming a health care practitioner who has a favorable opinion of primal or paleo diets? Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple and author of “The Primal Blueprint” offers some advice if you are considering this.ᅠ I take interns every year and will hopefully have one someday who is also knowledgeable about the [...]

Old Stone Age Diet

Meat was hard to get? I wasn’t going to post this article until I read that last few paragraphs. The author makes some extraordinary statements. She supposes that since we are most closely related to chimpanzees that our paleo ancestors would have eaten they way chimps do. There is however, overwhelming evidence that this is [...]

YouTube - Terry Shanahan - Paleo Meal Prep Grass Fed Beef and Veggies

Nice meal there Terry, although I personally would not have cooked the squash in advance for all of the meals, unless it was grilled or roasted for a few minutes. Terry Shanahan demonstrates ideas of how to prepare multiple paleo meals for the week. Terry is an expert on the Paleo Diet, CrossFIt Nutrition, … [...]

Pemmican-how to make and where to find - Paleo Diet and Living

Nice little article about pemmican. I’ve made it and I have to say that it is an acquired taste. I understand why berries were added to the Native American recipe of just jerky and tallow. I made mine in the truly traditional way (no berries) and it is very hard to eat. I plan on [...]

More Primal Blueprint Lunacy: Weight Loss

A great review of Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint” and one man’s foray into the paleo diet world. Check out the photo of that man, Richard Xiques, lifting 415 lbs! Amazing! However I am not sure our paleo ancestors would have tried that one. The philosophy of The Primal Blueprint, currently one of the most popular [...]

Evils of Soy Prove Paleo Diet

Terrific piece about how soy is not a food humans were meant to eat. Anyone following a paleo diet should avoid it. ᅠHowever there is one exception, which is surprisingly not mentioned. Fermented soy in the form of miso, natto, tempeh, soy and tamari sauce are okay, in fact they are healthy. Fermentation changes the [...]

Why You Should be Eating Paleo? The New Caveman Diet! - Health …

“Paleo diet is the actual diet our caveman ancestors lived by.” While is dedicated to bringing the paleo diet to as many people as possible, I will not make definitive statement like the one above. We can’t know exactly how our ancestors ate, but we can make some pretty good guesses. However the rest [...]

The way to create a Paleo Diet Shopping List in 5 Simple steps …

A paleo diet shopping list? Almost. There are a few things I would add to the list and definitely one I would remove. Item 2 - when looking for meat and fish try to get grassfed/pastured meat & chicken and wild caught fish. This is really an important point. The nutritional profile of profile of [...]