Old Stone Age Diet

Meat was hard to get? I wasn’t going to post this article until I read that last few paragraphs. The author makes some extraordinary statements. She supposes that since we are most closely related to chimpanzees that our paleo ancestors would have eaten they way chimps do. There is however, overwhelming evidence that this is not so. The fossil remains from caves thoughout Europe and the Middle East show that our ancestors would have eatena high protein diet, higher in central Europe than around the Mediterranean, but still high protein. We are not chimps. We developed high brain functions that helped us discover how to hunt efficiently. Speech enabled us to work together to herd our prey to where we’d have the best results. Meat was the easiest and densest source of food. Gathering plant food was highly labor intensive for the results produced. ᅠ

Diets like the Paleo Diet or the hunter-gatherer diet are high-protein, very low -carb diets that cause rapid weight loss. Proponents of this type of diets

Better research needs to be done folks!

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