Primal Minded Practitioners?

Are you considering becoming a health care practitioner who has a favorable opinion of primal or paleo diets? Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple and author of “The Primal Blueprint” offers some advice if you are considering this.ᅠ

I take interns every year and will hopefully have one someday who is also knowledgeable about the Paleo diet/way of living (I always teach them a bit about it, some think I’m a wack job, but some listen and are open minded!).

My personal experience has been that if you find a good holistic practitioner, there will be a positive response to a paleo diet. When I first started following a semi-paleo diet 4 years ago, my holistic doctor was very interested. He researched, liked what he found and started to recommend paleo diets to his patients.ᅠ

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