Why Are All Of These “High Fat” Diet Studies Not Really High Fat?

Sometimes, I just feel like ranting, and this is one of those times. Seriously…. Why are all of these “high fat” diet studies not really high fat?! In my mind it renders any study that uses this methodology, completel non prescription viagra y worthless. You can’t form conclusions about basically anything, if these scientists are [...]

The Paleo Diet and Rheumatoid Arthritis

I can remember many years ago, when I was a teenager, seeing my great-grandmother’s horrible gnarled hands. Each one of her fingers was twisted over the one next to it, and had been for years. She could hold things, but it took some work to get her generic viagra soft fingers wrapped around the object, [...]

PaleoFx DVD Series Available NOW!

The PaleoFx crew released their video chronicle of the PaleoFx 2012 Symposium as a DVD set on Friday May 12, 2012. Don’t miss out on owning this one-of-kind set!!

Paleo Diet News: Robb Wolf Welcomes New Daughter

Congratulations to Robb and Nicki from myself and Paleo Diet News!!! If you’re a regular listener to Robb Wolf’s “Paleo Solution Podcast”, you’ve been hearing Robb talking about who he calls the “Wolf Cub” order cialis online no prescription for sometime now. Around six months ago, I was very happy to hear that he and [...]

Paleo Diet: More Commentary On Safe Starches

Just when you thought that the commentary on safe starches was over, Dr. John Briffa posted a follow-up post on his drbriffa.com blog entitled “Is There Such a Thing As A ‘Safe Starch’?”. “Every so often the nutrition blogosphere explodes with interest and much-fevered writing about a topic for debate. Not so long ago, I [...]

Doesn’t Paleo Protein Wreck My Kidneys?

I’m honestly feeling incredibly lazy (mentally) and tired (physically) tonight, so this post is going to be a “copy and paste” fest. No one really listens to what I’ve got to say anyway, they really want to hear what Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson have to say about life, love and Paleo. I’ve heard so [...]

The Paleo Diet For Athletes

Yes, I know that there is already a book with this very name, by none other than the esteemed Dr. Loren Cordain (arguably the Paleo Diet Godfather), but this is an important topic, and my desire to write this article stemmed from some very frequently asked questions from clients and friends. What about the Paleo [...]

How to Cheat (Sort Of) on the Paleo Diet

One of the main reasons I prefer to think of the paleo approach as a “lifestyle” rather than a “diet” is that the word diet often implies its opposite: cheating! Of course, the beauty of the paleo diet is that it’s deeply satisfying, so breaking the diet becomes much less of a temptation.  However, many [...]

Paleo diet in the South Pacific

Perhaps the last hunter-gatherer society on the planet, the Kitavans are an example of what true natural health is, by following what is essentially a paleolithic diet and life style. But it is not what we consider to be the typical paleo diet. It may surprise some people to learn what the Kitavans actually eat. [...]

No fake fat on the Paleo diet

Maybe the “myth” that fake fats don’t make you fat is busted, but the myth that we need a fake fat at all persists. But you don’t need fake fat on the Paleo diet. In a new study released today by Purdue University, researchers found that rats who were fed Olean-containing potato chips as part [...]

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