Primal Wisdom: The Case of the Missing Extinctions

Very interesting hypothesis. I am not sure that I agree entirely with the idea that humans hunted the large critters of northern climes into extinction, although to some small extent it may have been true. Another consideration is climate change. When the glaciers receded the land changed and it could no longer support mega-life.ᅠ

If this new diet supports health adequately to allow reproduction for a majority of individuals, but disrupts homeostasis just enough that it gradually induces metabolic disorders that emerge over time, past the time of reproduction, …

Extinctions occur for several reasons, humanity only being one possibility. To constantly blame ourselves for events that we perceive to be bad, as damage to the planet, limits us to the belief that these things are in fact bad. All they are is nature’s way of doing some house cleaning. We may think that a forest fire is a terrible catastrophe, but it is the only way for new life to appear.

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