The way to create a Paleo Diet Shopping List in 5 Simple steps …

A paleo diet shopping list? Almost. There are a few things I would add to the list and definitely one I would remove. Item 2 - when looking for meat and fish try to get grassfed/pastured meat & chicken and wild caught fish. This is really an important point. The nutritional profile of profile of grain fed beef, lamb and poultry is very different from grassfed. Grass fed beef, for example have much higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and CLA. Toxins are stored in fat and a grain fed animal will have been given antibiotics and hormones, which we then consume. Grass fed cattle don’t need antibiotics since they’ve been eating what they evolved to eat and are less likely to get sick.ᅠ

In addition you will just want to not only blend nuts into your Paleo diet meals but use them as quick simple Paleo snacks. …

The suggestion of drinking juice listed under item 5 is alarming, Our paleo ancestors did not have juice extractors! Fruit would have been consumed whole, not juiced. Juice adds unnecessary carbohydrates to the diet. A paleo diet does not have juice. Tea, coffee (black), water, these are all great choices for drinks.

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