Paleo Diet and Charitable Giving

You know it’s getting close to Christmas when the various charities come knocking on your door asking for donations. A few of these charities I have a hard time supporting, but most are truly worthy causes that really deserve our support. The problem is that, unless you are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or even someone [...]

Paleo Herbs and Spices

Do Herbs Play A Part In The Paleo Diet? With the perceived focus on eating animal foods on the paleo diet, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that plant-based nutrition is important too.  This question on Paleo Hacks caught my eye recently: Are Herbs A Missing Link? Do we do better with the [...]

Paleo Diet: The 6 Horrifying Lies of the Food Industry

Pauli Poisuo of has taken a look at our food supply. His article “The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You“, lists things that the food industry does to our food that will make you rethink eating ANYTHING that comes out of a bottle or cardboard box. While the article is [...]

Paleo Diet: The White Rice Question

In my Paleo Diet News Review of Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet a little over a week ago, one of the criticisms I leveled at the book was its suggestion to eat white rice as a ‘safe starch’. Boring, I thought.  Boring, boring, boring! Not everyone agreed with me, as can be seen [...]

Organic v. Local: Which Is Best for the Paleo Diet?

Best of both worlds? Organic vegetables at a local farmers’ market in Argentina (photo courtesy of Wikipedia) I’m a member of a couple of very informative, supportive Facebook groups which are based around the paleo diet.  Members post their paleo experiences enthusiastically on a daily basis: weight-loss success stories; delicious recipes; testimonials of changes in health [...]

How to Cheat (Sort Of) on the Paleo Diet

One of the main reasons I prefer to think of the paleo approach as a “lifestyle” rather than a “diet” is that the word diet often implies its opposite: cheating! Of course, the beauty of the paleo diet is that it’s deeply satisfying, so breaking the diet becomes much less of a temptation.  However, many [...]

Eating Animals Ethically on the Paleo Diet

For many people, the benefits of the Paleo diet are clear: great nourishment, deep culinary satisfaction, freedom from the blood sugar roller-coaster, and the ability to shrink down to optimum body weight without ever having to go hungry. For some, however, the idea of a diet based around animal products is a step too far. [...]

Rawesome Foods Raided by the LA Sheriff’s Office, FDA, CDC, Dept of Agriculture

Yesterday evening I posted the article below while still rather upset at the news of the raid on Rawesome Food’s facitility. I have since learned that they were operating without a license and had been doing so since opening in 2007. From YoVenice website  : Rawesome, a health market in Venice, failed to obtain a [...]

End of the Paleo Diet

This is a very interesting article written by Stephan Guyenet. It is an analysis of data from a symposium held in 1982 in Plattsburg NY, that was ultimately published in a book titled, “Paleopathology at the Origins of Agriculture”, edited by Dr. Mark Nathan Cohen and Dr. George J. Armelagos. The data was all based on skeletal [...]

Raw Dairy and Freedom - and the Paleo Diet

The latest on the raw dairy front: California, which I thought had laws allowing the sale of raw dairy products, is challenging a small dairy (two cows!) who sells raw milk to about 15 customers. Actually she is not selling the milk, she is selling shares of her cows. But the state still insists that [...]

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