Idaho’s Organic week helps Paleo dieters

Here is some terrific news. Idaho is currently holding it’s first ever “Organic Week” to celebrate the variety of organic products raised in the state.  There are more that 250 organic farms in Idaho which is great news for Paleo dieters everywhere. Organic products are an important part of following a Paleo diet since the [...]

“Farmageddon” and Paleo diet foods - Protecting family farms

The premiere showing of “Farmageddon” was hosted by Slow Food DC to an enthusiastic audience on Thursday. night. The film, directed by Kristin Canty, highlights the plight of small farms across the country and the raids by the FDA and USDA dumping precious food produced by these farms. The farms produce safe wholesome food for [...]

The Paleo diet and agriculture’s early farmers

Has agriculture been a step backwards for humanity? Have we traded vibrant health and longevity for a secure food supply that promotes disease? That seems to be the consensus according to a review of studies that centered on the changes in human health as a result of farming. I appears as though the Paleo diet [...]

Scientists engineer mother’s-milk cow

From the weird world of genetics, scientists in Argentina have genetically engineered a cow that will give human mother’s milk. Now, I do understand the reasoning behind this - they want to produce milk that is safe for babies and children. The milk is also fortified with iron and has anti-bacterial properties(!). There is something [...]

We’re getting shorter NOT taller and our brains are shrinking, so …

I turns out that our paleo ancestors were taller and had larger brains that we do. The cause? Agriculture and urbanization. The shrinkage has occurred over the last 10,000 or so, exactly as long as we’ve been farming.ᅠ … The decline, say scientists, has happened over the past 10,000 years. They blame agriculture, with restricted [...]

Farmageddon - trailer

If you think our small farmers are safe think again. Raids by the FDA and the USDA are common events on small farms which provide fresh wholesome food to willing customers. Factory farms are pushing out small farms by selling produce that is less expensive and grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and now [...]

Exploding watermelons

No I’m not talking about Gallagher smashing watermelons. Apparently watermelons being grown in China are exploding, in the field, because the farmers have been adding chemicals to speed up growth.  Think we are exempt from this here in the US? Here, hormones are used to accelerate growth on melons, pumpkins, cucumbers and more. Given how [...]

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