Real Food Resource for the Paleo Diet

For those living in the Hudson Valley area in New York, there is a resource for whole real food, Earth to Table. Started by chef Joe Baldwin, the goal is to educate people about real food and to assist in find sources for real food.  Earth to Table is a real food resource for the [...]

Another Reason to Follow the Paleo Diet - Antibiotics in our Food… AGAIN

If ever there was another reason to follow the Paleo diet and eat food that is as pure as possible, this is it. The FDA is allowing meat producers to continue to add antibiotics to the food fed to animals in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). This continues to threaten the health of the meat [...]

Paleo Diet News: Monday Link Love

Let’s get the week off to a great paleo start with a round up of some great paleo articles - some new, some old - from around the web.  It’s Monday Link Love time!  Have a good one, paleo peeps… The Being Primal blog takes a look at how different elements of a paleo approach [...]

Paleo Diet: Should I Avoid Genetically Modified Foods?

It’s a question many of us will have asked on our journey towards a paleo way of eating: should I avoid genetically modified foods?  Like me, you probably feel the instinctive answer is “yes” - but may wonder exactly why.  The question appeared during some recent internet browsing I was doing, on the ShareCare website. [...]

Paleo Diet: How To Live To 100

I spend a lot of time on Facebook; it’s not a secret. Today, while cruising around Facebook, I saw a link to an article posted by Karen Pendergrass of Paleo Approved that really grabbed my attention. The article, entitled “The end of ageing: Why life begins at 90”, written by Michael R. Rose on August [...]

Grass-fed Beef vs. Poultry on the Paleo Diet

It seems that the tide is slowly turning in favor of red meat. More and more research is being done that shows the benefits of the consumption of beef, especially grass-fed beef.  And more specifically, grass-fed beef is shown to have a better nutritional profile than poultry like chicken and turkey. This is an interesting [...]

Women Eat Fat on the Paleo Diet

For the last 40 years or so America and the rest of the industrial world, has been on a low-fat diet, with devastating results. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more are running rampant. And the fats we do eat, polyunsaturated fats, instead of healthy saturated fats, have contributed even more to the health crisis. [...]

Paleo Diet: Three Good Reasons to Avoid Gluten

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s expose of the trend towards manufacturers producing gluten-free non-foods, here’s a timely reminder: three good reasons to avoid gluten (by eating real foods, of course!): Gluten Causes Inflammation This is true in at least 80% of the population, and studies indicate that up to 30% of the rest of [...]

PeTA and the Paleo Diet

Here is a little pre-Thanksgiving lunacy before the real craziness begins.  PeTA has gone over the top, again. They love controversy and they dish it out by the bucket load. This time with an advertisement aimed at little kids, that equates eating a Thanksgiving turkey with eating a pet. Can we say “going off the [...]

Paleo Diet vs. Traditional Diet

What is the opposite of a fan? Perhaps antagonist? Well there is yet another antagonist to the Paleo diet, Manuel Villacorta. He has looked at the Paleo diet and doesn’t like what he sees. He advocates eating a traditional diet, like our grandparents or great, great, great grandparents. For him it is a case of [...]

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