Eggsactly right for the Paleo Diet

Well, can you guess what this article’s about? Eggcellent! You guessed! Once again I’m going to write about eggs, no beating around the bush, although I might scramble things up a bit. Okay, no more puns! But eggs are probably one of the best sources of nutrition out there. They are eggsactly right for the [...]

Saving Bees with the Paleo Diet

It turns out that eating grass fed beef does more than just provide great nutrition and bucolic scenery. Having pastureland is also good for wild bees and other pollinators. A study from the University of California - Berkeley, shows that grazing lands provide critical habitats for these insects that are so crucial for agriculture. Can [...]

‘Conscientious Carnivores’ and the Paleo Diet

Food author James McWilliams has a problem with those of us who are concerned about the welfare of the animals whose products we eat. According to him, we are hypocritical since we purport to be concerned and conscientious, but are still consuming animal products. He sees a major disconnect between acknowledging that animals have value [...]

Pastured foods for the Paleo Diet

Is the USDA finally wising up to the fact that factory farms are not sustainable? A new study BY the USDA shows that factory farms produce more pollutants and that pastured animals are better for the environment. But we also all know that pastured animal products are better for us and better for the Paleo [...]

Problematic foods that you may be eating on the Paleo Diet

Yesterday I wrote about how grains, and specifically wheat, causes celiac disease and other health problems.  But there are other foods which cause digestive upsets and worse due to similar toxins. And even if you are following a Paleo diet, you may still be consuming some of these problematic foods. A series of articles at [...]

No Wheat in the Paleo Diet - A Major Benefit

There is now strong evidence that the consumption of wheat, even organic whole grain wheat, is damaging our health. It is estimated the 1 out or 133 people in the U.S. suffer from Celiac Disease (CD), a much higher number than previously thought. And this may only be the tip of the iceberg. But fortunately, [...]

GMOs and the Paleo Diet

Is it a good idea to be eating Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods while following the Paleo diet? Or maybe the question should be, is it a good idea to eat genetically modified foods at all? Today, genetically modified foods are everywhere. Whether you know it or not the foods that you buy have some [...]

Dutch ritual slaughter ban and the Paleo diet

I have to thank my friends at MEETA (Meat-Eaters for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for posting a comment on Facebook about the proposed ban on ritual slaughter in Holland. This is an important issue and one that concerns many people, not just observant Jews or Muslims, but also those following a Paleo diet and [...]

The Paleo Diet and Grass-fed beef Meets Aerospace

Somewhere in Illinois, cattle peacefully graze on tall green grass on a prairie, not suspecting that a short distance away is a workshop where the design and fabrication of high tech aerospace components is going on. Well, the cows probably doesn’t care as long as the grass continues to grow, but the owners of this [...]

Food Safety for the Paleo Diet

In the wake of the deaths of 31 people in Europe due to a possibly bioengineered strain of E. coli found on cucumbers from Spain, questions have been raised about the safety of our food supply in the U.S. on many different levels,  including the over use of antibiotics. Currently more people are killed every [...]

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