Go ahead, shake it? We may be wrong about salt

There is a problem with the thinking here. These sound bite articles paint everything with a broad brush so that people are left with the impression that salt is and fat is bad. The real issue goes deeper, much deeper. Salt is essential to life. Any diet that advocates reducing salt will actually cause more [...]

Low Vitamin D Levels May Contribute to Hypertension in African Americans

This is not at all surprising. I am certain that more diseases affect African Americans than Caucasians because of lower levels of vitamin D3. Consider; dark skinned folks ancestors all lived near the equator in tropical areas of the globe. Exposure to the sun was not only frequent, but the levels of sunlight were more [...]

You can go to work on an egg

The doctor almost gets it….then misses. He is of course correct in saying that dietary cholesterol does not increase the levels of cholesterol in the blood, so eating eggs, especially pastured eggs are a great idea. Perfectly safe and nutritious to eat. But he misses the mark by then talking about reducing blood cholesterol levels. [...]

Grass-fed beef - Why it is superior

Ah, the benefits of pastured/grass fed beef. Here is a nice short list of why it is superior, on nutrition alone, than grain fed.ᅠ If you’re thinking that makes grass-fed beef healthier, you’re right. 3. Higher in vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol). The meat from the grass-fed cattle is four times higher in vitamin E than meat [...]

Paleo Diet and Calcium Intake

This is an important issue if you are concerned about calcium, bone health and are considering following a hard core paleo diet where dairy is eliminated. Calcium is important to a degree, but only in conjunction with other minerals, especially magnesium and potassium. We have been brain washed into thinking that getting enough calcium is [...]