Go ahead, shake it? We may be wrong about salt

There is a problem with the thinking here. These sound bite articles paint everything with a broad brush so that people are left with the impression that salt is and fat is bad. The real issue goes deeper, much deeper. Salt is essential to life. Any diet that advocates reducing salt will actually cause more problems. However, the source and type of salt is important. True natural sea salt (not the iodized bleached table salt) contains much more than sodium chloride. There is also potassium, magnesium, and many trace minerals. The content and ratio of all components will change depending upon the source. This is the “salt” that needs to be used, and in moderation. It is best to completely avoid processed foods with added salt.

White, bleached, processed, sodium chloride

A: For the most part, the problem with salt is the setting in which you find it. The vast majority of “processed” or convenience foods are high in both fat and salt. It’s the fat that’s the big problem. As for the benefits of reducing salt, …

Fat is not a problem either, provided it is the right type of fat. The fat in processed foods will definitely be the wrong sort - highly processed rancid vegetable oils, transfats are to be avoided at all costs. Beneficial fats - coconut and palm oils, butter or ghee, olive and nut oils are all terrific sources. If you follow a paleo diet you won’t have to concern yourself with getting too much salt or fat. You will simply be eating one of the healthiest diets known.

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