The cost of organic on the Paleo Diet

When following the Paleo diet it is best to buy as much food as possible from organic sources. However for many people it is just not realistic since the cost can be much higher than conventionally grown. Sometimes the price can be more than twice as high. It is worth it? How closely do we [...]

Protein in Paleo Diet - Better for Bones

Some new studies have found that eating meat is highly beneficial for bone strength and density rather than what was previously thought, that it destroys it. Another mark in favor of the Paleo diet since it high in animal sources of protein. In short, it looks like the Paleo diet is better for your bones. [...]

No fake fat on the Paleo diet

Maybe the “myth” that fake fats don’t make you fat is busted, but the myth that we need a fake fat at all persists. But you don’t need fake fat on the Paleo diet. In a new study released today by Purdue University, researchers found that rats who were fed Olean-containing potato chips as part [...]

The Paleo diet solution for food addiction

Triathletes aren’t the only ones with food addictions. I am sure this is something that most of us have gone through, eating more than our bodies need to for fuel. But what causes this? Why do we eat those extra 5 cookies or down that extra Coke or two? The reason is in what these [...]

Paleo Diet - for Psoriasis

Can the paleo diet help psoriasis sufferers? Can it help alleviate symptoms? It appears to be so. According to John Elder: “I believe that by eliminating all grains, all legumes (peanuts are legumes) and dairy products and by increasing the n-3 content of the diet, many patients with psoriasis may have amelioration or remission of [...]

Scientists engineer mother’s-milk cow

From the weird world of genetics, scientists in Argentina have genetically engineered a cow that will give human mother’s milk. Now, I do understand the reasoning behind this - they want to produce milk that is safe for babies and children. The milk is also fortified with iron and has anti-bacterial properties(!). There is something [...]

Dow AgroSciences Announces the First Saturated Fat Free Oil Product

More poisoned oils to come from agro-business. There doesn’t seem to be an end to what these companies will do to destroy the food we eat.ᅠ There is now ample research to show that saturated fats from the correct sources are not just safe to eat, but are healthy, prevent disease and aid with weight [...]

Sleep-Deprived People May Crave High-Calorie Foods

Interesting study but there may be more to this than just lack of sleep. Exorphins found in wheat mimic the effects of endorphins, which make you feel good after eating something sweet. Theᅠexorphins act like a drug so that when you eat a food like pizza or a brownie, you want more and usually do. [...]

Addicted to Nature?

This article by Dr. Al Sears, author of the PACE® exercise program explains the addictive nature of grains and milk. I knew that grains are addictive, but I didn’t know that milk was too. He doesn’t mention this, but I wonder if it’s because the milk is pasteurized. Raw milk is really very different from [...]

How Coconut Oil Helps the Thyroid and Aids Metabolism

Great video on just one more benefit of coconut oil. It is truly a fantastic food, inexpensive and relatively easy to add to your diet.  If you are going to be taking it by the tablespoon, start off slowly. It is a terrific addition to a paleo diet. The thyroid gland is the largest gland [...]