Sally Fallon talks about soy….

This is one short video about soy, from a series of video interviews of Sally Fallon. They are all very interesting and worth watching. Even though I am following a paleo diet, I came to it through the Weston A. Price Foundation. I think the only real difference between what I now do and what [...]

Bringing Coconut Education and Products to Market

Good information on coconut products. If you are like most people you think of pina coladas or maccaroons when someone says coconut, But there are a lof of coconut products that are highly beneficial. First and foremost is coconut oil. It is a saturated fat (this means it is solid at room temperature). It is [...]

Top 6 Nutrition Questions Answered… poorly

Since I think the article is a little misguided, here are my answers: How much protein to you need? It depends on whether or not you are a “protein type” someone who thrives on a lot of protein. How do you feel when you eat certain types of protein? Pay attention to the signals your [...]

A drastic turn in diet for the worse for the Inuit

News from the north, the FAR North. Apparently, since the 80′s, the Inuit have been getting all of the diseases of this modern age, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. What changed? Prior to the 1950′s the Inuit diet consisted of caribou meat, walrus, seal or whale blubber and a few berries in season, a super [...]

Ditch That Protein Powder

Really good, important advice on how to eat high protein. The article is geared toward pregnant women, but this really applies to everyone. The basics: avoid soy based protein; make sure you’re eating enough fat; avoid protein powders. Actually, with that last piece of advice I would agree but with a caveat - you can [...]

Food Pyramid Revamped With Plate Shape

A plate shape, a pyramid, a square or a hexagon, none of these shapes will make a difference to the health of Americans if the recommendations are wrong. The new “plate shape” contains the same mistake that the food pyramid did, by insisting that a substantial portion of our diet come from grains. This advice [...]

Could Saturated Fats Make a Comeback in Light of New Research?

And now another study says….what boys and girls? That we NEED saturated fats! Something else those following a paleo diet have known. Now we just need to re-educated the whole population. When you first learned that fats, especially saturated fats, were a necessity to life, what did you feel? After all the years of scrupulously [...]

The Claim: A Diet High in Protein Is Bad for Your Kidneys

So, now the truth that, those of us who follow a paleo diet have known all along - a high protein diet DOES NOT damage your kidneys. Well, that’s one more fairy tale we can put to rest! By ANAHAD O’CONNOR Anyone who has tried a high-protein diet has probably heard this warning: You may [...]

AIDS Victim Tells of Healing Virtues of Coconut Oil

This is a terrific story. Here is a young man ravaged and devastated by contracting HIV, who is cured - CURED! - by using virgin coconut oil. Fantastic! At least one HIV victim will be grateful forever for the healing potency found in coconut oil. Tony speaks around the country about his former hopeless battle [...]

Is Sugar Poison? Are Carbs A Drug?

Wow! Dr. Oz equated carbs with cocaine? Now THAT’S impressive. Years ago I learned that carbs are addictive, just like a drug. I’m glad he’s figured it out! However it is really important to distinguish which carbs are addictive - I find for me that all carbs are problematic, except for vegetables (green & root) [...]