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The Paleo Diet And Salt - Follow-Up

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post here on PDN, called “Paleo Diet: Does Salt Deserve Its Bad Reputation?”, which covered Chris Kresser’s initial post addressing the ins and outs of human salt consumption. I promised that I’d also comment on the follow-up posts, and now it’s time to follow through with that. Chris [...]

Paleo Diet Nutritional Blogs - Are We Dangerous?

Nutritional blogs are everywhere over the web, giving information and advice as to how to live a healthy lifestyle. Some focus on specific conditions like cancer, diabetes and celiac disease. Other focus on simply eating better to regain health. And the advice is all over the map, from low-fat, reduced calorie, to vegetarian and vegan [...]

The Paleo Diet And Acne

Yesterday I wrote about how the Paleo Diet was able to completely eradicate my allergies…..however, this subject is something that Paleo wasn’t able to solve for me. You see, when I was a teenager, I had horrible acne…..horrible! My face was literally covered by ugly, angry looking, puss filled pimples. My entire face was red [...]

The Paleo Diet And Allergies

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away….some called it Kentucky…..was a man called Barry Cripps. Barry was a generally healthy chap, with no major ailments to speak of, but what he DID have, was a nasty case of seasonal allergies Generic cialis without prescription . Every spring his allergies would flair in [...]

The Paleo Diet and Seasonal Eating

Are you eating cantelope in January? How about apples in April? If you are then you are eating out of season, a practice which may not serve you or your body well. Our bodies metabolism changes with the seasons, with the length of the day and tempera cialis buy online ture. Even if you are [...]

The Paleo Diet And Gout

This is a subject that I’ve touched on before in previous articles, but even though it’s been in the back of mind for some time, I’ve never actually dedicated an entire article to gout. gout is actually a widespread The Silent Sales Machine 7.0 condition, that causes a lot of pain for the people who [...]

Paleo Diet: What Can We Learn From The Ice Man?

Stephen Guyenet, of The Whole Health Source blog recently posted an article on his blog entitled “

Paleo Diet Review: Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Livwise’

Paleo Diet Review: Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Livwise’

In fact, I’m still quite a fan even now, so I was delighted when she announced last year that she’d be releasing a book about her relationship with food and cooking. I decided back then it would probably merit a Paleo Diet News review. The book - Livwise:Easy Recipes For A Healthy Happy Life - [...]

Paleo Diet Videos: Robb Wolf Saving Reno

You may have already heard Robb Wolf talking about the project that he’s working on with the City of Reno in California. If you haven’t, you’ll be excited when you hear that Ro best price cialis bb has been commissioned to basically provide a Paleo intervention for all of the city officials, like the police [...]

Paleo Diet Videos: The Strenuous Life, Sugar and Bullying

Paleo Diet Videos: The Strenuous Life, Sugar and Bullying

Dr. Joe “FatthenFitnow” Leonardi’s videos this buy cialis week cover important and interesting topics. This week he discusses our activity level and what has happened to it, more about sugar, obesity and bullying. and how he became morbidly obese. The Strenuous Life, Sugar and Bullying What Ever Happened to the Strenuous Life? This first video [...]