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Paleolithic diet much better for diabetics than conventional …

One more point goes to the paleo diet. No one who follows a paleo diet is surprised that diabetics would do better on a paleo diet than the standard diabetic diet. However I think that some of the results go deeper than just the number of calories. The article asserts that those following a paleo [...]

The FDA’s futile war on fat

Big Brother is Watching you…almost…at a restaurant near you. The FDA has mandated that calorie counts be added to menus at chain restaurant and coffee shops across the nation. Will this help Americans eat any better? Probably not.ᅠ This well-meaning mandate will change the look of mass-food presentation, but likely will fall flatter than a [...]

Foods Your Heart Will Love

Sometimes conventional medicine gets so close, but misses the mark completely. They talk about foods your heart will love: salmon, avocado, olive oil all are terrific foods. But then they add oatmeal (gluten) saying that it lowers cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important integral part of our cells assisting in many, if not most functions in [...]

Super Fast Weight Loss Tips : The 2 Worst Foods That Make You Fat …

While there are many foods which are not healthy for us, wheat and fruit juice rank high, specifically because they are thought of as healthy. The wheat we have today is a relative newcomer onto the scene. The grain was modified (probably from Spelt) to enable it to grow under different conditions. Making these changes [...]

Bacon, high fat diet ends seizures

It is amazing how clueless some doctors are! Here they are giving kids with seizures a “high fat diet” (paleo diet anyone?) and then they stop having the seizures. Do you think that all of the processed, sugary, starchy food might have been the cause of the seizures to begin with? What these children, in [...]

High fat diet may boost functioning of damaged hearts: Study

It’s interesting how information on the benefits of real foods like good fats are trickling out of research labs. Here is a study from Case Western that shows a high fat diet is beneficial for the heart.ᅠ The research team, from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA, demonstrated that a high-fat diet improved [...]