Paleo Diet: Thursday Recipe Roundup

Got guests coming for dinner at the weekend?  Ready for a challenge in the kitchen?  Or are you just looking for some fresh ideas for your paleo diet?  Look no further - it’s Thursday Recipe Roundup which means we’ve gathered together an interesting selection of ideas from around the web. Start your day right with a [...]

Paleo Diet News: Vitamin D and Sudden Infant Death

Vitamin D deficiency can cause diseases like rickets. Radiograph of a two-year-old rickets sufferer, courtesy of Wikipedia. Some very sombre news reports have highlighted an important issue in the UK media this week: the role of vitamin D deficiency in instances of Sudden Infant Death. This BBC news report notes that there have been calls [...]

Paleo Diet News: Faint Praise for Fat

I was directed towards an interesting UK news story today - a report in the Daily Telegraph announcing that researchers have found that the idea that fried food automatically causes heart disease is, in fact, a myth.  Hooray! I thought.  At last they’re catching up with us paleo types, and making friends with fat. Not quite.  It turns out [...]

Paleo Diet News: Monday Link Love

Let’s get the week off to a great paleo start with a round up of some great paleo articles - some new, some old - from around the web.  It’s Monday Link Love time!  Have a good one, paleo peeps… The Being Primal blog takes a look at how different elements of a paleo approach [...]

Paleo Diet: Should I Avoid Genetically Modified Foods?

It’s a question many of us will have asked on our journey towards a paleo way of eating: should I avoid genetically modified foods?  Like me, you probably feel the instinctive answer is “yes” - but may wonder exactly why.  The question appeared during some recent internet browsing I was doing, on the ShareCare website. [...]

Boost Your Weight-Loss Resolution With The Paleo Diet

Now that we’re well into January, you may be taking stock of your New Year’s resolution to lose a few pounds.  How’s it going?  If you’re struggling (dieting isn’t easy) you may be interested in taking an approach which involves eating large and satisyfing portions of real food.  Perhaps its time to boost your weight-loss [...]

Paleo Diet: More Bad Journalism About Meat

You possibly saw the coverage in the press this week of the highly publicised “processed meat may increase pancreatic cancer” studies.  If not, head over to this Guardian article for a particularly potent example of why it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea if journalists were forever banned from interpreting scientific data.  Or, at the very [...]

The Paleo Diet and the Calorie Myth

Given that millions of people will be on their post-Christmas diets, it’s nice to see some sensible messages getting out on a couple of paleo diet blogs about the fallacy of the “eat less, exercise more” method of losing weight - otherwise known as the calorie myth. Here’s what Dr. John Briffa has to say [...]

Paleo Diet News: Gary Taubes Debunks Dieting

In the aftermath to the holiday season - when millions are lamenting the weight they’ve gained during the festivities - two articles about dieting have stood out for me, because they’ve each achieved an unusual degree of prominence.  One is the New York Times article The Fat Trap, which argues that once a person is fat, [...]

Paleo Diet Brings Relief From…

An interesting Facebook post has been doing the rounds over the past couple of days, originating from the wonderful International Paleo Movement Group.  It consists of a list of the ailments and conditions that group members have found that the paleo diet brings relief from. It’s an impressive list, and further supports the Paleo Diet News view that there [...]