Paleo Diet: Thursday Recipe Roundup

Chefs training in Paris. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Got guests coming for dinner at the weekend?  Ready for a

challenge in the kitchen?  Or are you just looking for some fresh ideas for your paleo diet?  Look no further - it’s Thursday Recipe Roundup which means we’ve gathered together an interesting selection of ideas from around the web.

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Start your day right with a hearty paleo breakfast.  Here, Modern Paleo Warfare rustles up a delicious bacon-egg-tomato combo.  And don’t forget Paleo Diet News has a great breakfast idea, too!

When it’s lunchtime, there’s little that beats a warming bowl of soup.  For a terrific base, learn how to make a proper bone broth.  Fitness In An Evolutionary Direction shows us how.

Want something more filling?  How about these great-looking Pineapple and Mango Sweet Heat Chicken Wings from PaleoPot?

You could easily accompany those with some Gluten-Free Stuffed Mushrooms from Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom.

Want to get really primal?  Then learn how to make your own butter (no, not in the way a cow makes it….I’m thinking more the farmer….): How To Make Butter by Whipping

Ready for dinner?  Get those Goat Chops on the grill:


And for dessert, you probably couldn’t do better than these delicious Blueberry Espresso Brownies from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.

Here’s a couple of great general information sites. Mother Earth News has a round-up of The Secrets of Organ Meat Cookery - so there are no more excuses for avoiding that nutrient-dense liver!  Also, check out this great new site for those who like to take a more “gourmet” approach to their paleo diet: Gourmeleo!

Finally, here’s a refresher for you with a paleo food list, some ideas for paleo snacks, and some guidelines for take-along paleo food for those days when you’re rushing from one place to the next and hardly have time to breathe.

Hope you enjoyed our Thursday Recipe Roundup.  Happy eating!

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