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An interesting Facebook post has been doing the rounds over the past couple of days, originating from the wonderful International Paleo Movement Group.  It consists of a list of the ailments and conditions that group members have found that the paleo diet brings relief from.

It’s an impressive list, and further supports the Paleo Diet News view that there is a distinct link between the paleo diet and healing, as outlined in our previous article on the subject.

Here’s the list as it appears in the post.  Names have been removed to protect privacy.  According to those who responded, the paleo diet brings relief from:

    • Joint pain, regular bouts of gout have completely stopped.
    • Problem skin is clearer, stopped excessive sweating.
    • Helping with depression and anger issues I’ve had my whole life, improved sex drive, just overall feeling of well-being, lost 50 lbs since January, 90 lbs since my highest weight 2 years ago.
    • PMS, constant hunger, indigestion that had me sleeping sitting straight up, IBS that floored me regularly and that last darn 5 lbs that just wouldn’t budge EVER. :)
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), possible IBS, migraines, acne - and I now have super energy.
    • Dishydrosis (itchy blisters on my hands & feet), & Rosacea.
    • Depression, chronic fatigue, mental fog, poor memory, dry skin.
    • Edema, depression, weight loss, migraines.
    • Lyme, arthritis.
    • Dishidrosis
    • Depression, anxiety, blood pressure, PCOS, eyesight and light sensitivity, acne, joint pain, shed 60 pounds, insulin resistance, headaches, brain fog, low energy, negative thoughts, improved sex drive, better sleep, over all feeling of peace and strength mentally to deal with my life issues !! :D
    • Depression, acne/rosacea, migraines, yeast infections, PMS much easier to handle, and finally able to sleep through the night.
    • Depression, high blood pressure, obesity, acne, food/sugar addiction, low sex drive, insomnia and migraines.
    • Diabetes, Obesity, Inflammation, Sugar addiction, Stress, Better Sleep, Mental clarity.
    • Obesity, carb addiction, better sleep.
    • Cholesterol dropped from “we need to do something about this” to “what cholesterol problem?” And no blood sugar crashes in the afternoon.
    • PCOS, Migraines, Clearer more rational thinking (i.e. not some weird random anxious thought out of nowhere), clearer skin that glows, joints don’t ache, no carb cravings (that were more like demands), happier taste buds it’s helped me with a lot of the things already mentioned, but the most shocking improvement for me has been my eyesight. At about six weeks in I stopped needing reading glasses.
    • Bi-polar disorder, anxiety, seasonal allergies PCOS, insulin resistance, anxiety, acne, allergies.
    • Dry skin Insomnia, ADD, Depression, Joint Pain, Back Pain, Endometriosis, Skin issues, Foggy brain, Memory issues, Emotional hangups, Anxiety, just looking worn the f*ck out!
    • Acne, pms, ADD and poor memory, monthly yeast infections (sorry, TMI), overweight.
    • Acute fear of bacon.
    • I haven’t gotten strep throat since going Paleo…used to get it every season change (that’s about 4 times a year) so bad that I would have to be admitted into the emergency room, get the shot, and a prescription…no more.
    • No sinus infections (used to get them twice a year like clockwork).
    • SEVERE Eczema has gone to mild/ non-existent.
    • Severe allergies - gone.  Tendonitis - gone.
    • Migraines, mild obesity, kidney stones.
    • Seasonal allergies, acne, pretty sure mood swings..anxiety and stress.
    • No more heartburn, ever. No matter how spicy the food is. No “fire-in-the-hole” scorcher bathroom visits either. I sleep better, have less ache in my joints, and my energy levels are green and good to go.
    • Blood pressure is better and it honestly seems like I grew more hair.
    • Nails and teeth are stronger and my senses seem to be like they were when I was in my teens. It’s like somebody turned the lights on in the world.
    • Lost weight, headaches, acne, allergies, back pain, low energy, depression (I’m better at this one, but not only for paleo), whiter teeth.
    • Lost 35 lbs, no more getting up in the middle of the night to pee, no more urgency to pee, less teeth tartar, skin healing better/faster from minor injuries (ie. bug bite scratches), more energy, constant sinus congestion gone.
    • Gout, pre-diabetes, lower back issues, and acne.

Phew!  I told you it was an impressive list.  So, if you’ve been wondering if the paleo diet could be for you, it’s worth considering that it could make a great contribution to your overall health and wellbeing.  Check out our previous article - Paleo Diet for Beginners - for information on how to get started.  And if you’ve heard (as you may have done from the mainstream media) that the paleo approach is a dubious one, don’t be put off until you’ve read about the Myths & Truths of the Paleo Diet.

Please share your own experiences of what the paleo diet brings relief from, using the comment space below.

Happy paleo eating!


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2 Responses to Paleo Diet Brings Relief From…

  1. Maggie Dillard May 31, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    To start off, I will state that I am only about to start this diet and I am still doing research.

    While I would prefer to have grass-fed meat, I just can’t afford it. Other people on the internet with the same issue have been told to just stick with (lean) grain-fed and take fish oil supplements to bring the ratio of Omega6 (O6) and Omega3 (O3) closer to 1:1. This sounded like a great solution. Thing is, while it’s probably impossible to get too much O3 from taking the recommended dose, it still got me wondering what if there was more O3 than O6? The research shows that most people get much more of O6 than O3, but what if that ratio was reversed. Would there be any detrimental effects?

    Additionally, is there a way to find out how many doses of fish oil (if more than 1) I need to bring that ratio to 1:1?


    • Lila Solnick May 31, 2012 at 3:12 pm

      Great questions Maggie. Glad to see you are doing your due diligence while researching the diet.
      The best thing I can do here is to recommend you look at a couple of websites that have vastly more information on this.

      One is I am certain he’s touched on the subject of omega 3/6 ratios.
      I know that there are food lists online which have the omega3/6 ratio of various foods. Example - nuts, while part of the Paleo diet are high in omega 6, so they need to be limited. The same thing goes for chicken, believe it or not. Even pastured. For that reason I have limited the amount of chicken I eat. Grass fed beef has a superb ration of 3/6, as does butter, lard and tallow.
      Ocean fish and seafood are another great source, beyond just taking fish oil caps.
      If you are trying to get your omega 3 from fish oil gelcaps, then you will never reach the 1:1 ration. These oils contain all EFAs: 3/6/9
      One think to keep in mind about the cost of this diet is that when you cut out nearly everything else, especially grains and legumes, or even dairy, then your food bill goes down and buying grass fed beef get easier. I buy grass fed frequently, but my food bill is less than before.
      Good luck with your research!