Pastured animal products

Burgers from a lab: The World Of In Vitro Meat

More experimentation with our food supply.  Now they are working on making meat in a lab. Just one more opportunity to add unknown ingredients to our food. The main reason? To prevent animals from being raised in CAFOs. And yes these are horrible conditions that these poor animals are raised in. But there is another, [...]

5 Ways You Can (Still) Help the Environment When You’re a Carnivore

Great guidelines on how to eat meat and live more lightly off the land. Of course, when you follow a paleo diet you will naturally eat less food, meat included since you get full fast and stay full for long periods. I like most of the suggestions, but #1 & 2 are the ones I [...]

Grass-fed beef - Why it is superior

Ah, the benefits of pastured/grass fed beef. Here is a nice short list of why it is superior, on nutrition alone, than grain fed.ᅠ If you’re thinking that makes grass-fed beef healthier, you’re right. 3. Higher in vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol). The meat from the grass-fed cattle is four times higher in vitamin E than meat [...]


There reaches a point when one just has to stand on a hilltop and scream. This is one of those instances. What right does the government have to dictate to us what we can or cannot eat? Instead of prosecuting true criminals, like murderers and thieves, the government now goes after small farmers who are [...]

Choose pastured eggs over organic eggs

A short video about organic eggs. Missing are comments from the author about an even better type of egg, pastured. Organic eggs come from hens fed organic feed. This will include corn, soy and other grains. This is a vegetarian diet. However, chickens are omnivores. Their natural diet will include grass, flowers bug and seeds. [...]

Another side of tilapia, the perfect factory fish

Farming fish is wrong on so many levels. Just to name a couple of problems: The fish are fed soy and grain based pellets. Just where in the ocean do you find soy and grain? An unhealthy diet for the fish means that they are not healthy for us. They are kept in crowded ponds, [...]

EatingWell: The Biggest Myths About “Natural” Meat Busted

Some more good information on the differences between natural, organic and grass fed beef. I would add to the grass fed beef paragraph that it is also better because the meat is leaner and the fat does not contain toxins. Toxins accummulate and stay in fat cells When you eat grain fed beef you are [...]

Pastured Eggs Need No Improvement — Real Food Forager

Apparently the USDA thinks that eggs having less cholesterol is good for us. That is their good news! But this terrific piece touts the benefits of pastured eggs, provided by hens that are omnivores, eating what they naturally evolved to eat. Pastured eggs have a superior nutrient profile than those ovoid shaped white things that [...]

Beef Up Your Label Knowledge

A good article about the terms beef producers can use to label the level of quality of their product. Since pastured beef is necessarily more expensive, it is good to know what you are getting when purchasing other less expensive quality levels. It is a bit alarming that “All Natural” does NOT mean no hormones [...]

7 Ways to Read an Egg Carton

A good list of terms to have on hand when shopping for eggs in your local supermarket. The best eggs are pasture raised since the hens are not fed grains and allowed to eat what they naturally would eat, grass, flowers, insects, etc. Their eggs are superior and are high in nutrients. Yolks range in [...]