Pastured animal products

Farmageddon - trailer

If you think our small farmers are safe think again. Raids by the FDA and the USDA are common events on small farms which provide fresh wholesome food to willing customers. Factory farms are pushing out small farms by selling produce that is less expensive and grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and now [...]

The High Cost Of Cheap Meat

The solution is pastured beef, lamb and chicken. The cost will be higher, but the benefit to us, the animals and the environment will be substantial. So, instead of going to McDonald’s everyday for that Big Mac, eat a nice grass fed steak or burger twice a week. At that rate the cost of the [...]

Organic Eggs May Come From Factory Farms

This is an alarming report. Factory farms are replacing standard feed with organic feed, but not changing the conditions under which the birds are raised. This means that they are still living in horrible, cramped conditions, with artificial light. The hens cannot spread their wings and to prevent them from pecking at each other the [...]

Factory Farms Pollute 100 Times More Than All In US Combined

Yet another reason to buy pastured animal products. The pollution produced by CAFOs is staggering. There is no way that the manure can be composted correctly when the animals are crowded together. Pasture animals stagger their manure across acres of grass, but how do factory farmers deal with the waste of thousands of animals held [...]

‘Lunatic’ farmer Joel Salatin

He is the Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-farmer. Joel Salatin is living proof that you can raise animals on pasture, increase yields, earn a profit and protect the environment all at the same time. His model needs to be emulated and duplicated across this country and in fact around the planet. Jo Robinson, author of “Pasture Perfect: The Far-Reaching [...]

Why Grass Fed Beef Makes The Best Steaks For Grilling

Chef Todd Mohr discusses why grass fed beef is the best. An interesting comment by John Wood of US Wellness Meats, that at 4:00 pm the energy in the grass is at it’s highest and moves his cattle into new pasture to take advantage of that. The cattle just love it. The best steaks for [...]

Grass Fed Beef: It’s What SHOULD Be For Dinner

Great advice! Meat, beef especially, has become too easy and inexpensive to buy because of CAFOs. The nutritional quality is very poor since the cattle are fed grains which is species inappropriate. When shopping for beef, lamb or chicken look for pastured, grass fed and grass finished. Just expect to pay more.ᅠ Tell the managers [...]

WSPA and GRA Promote Higher Animal Welfare Standards in restaurants

Boy! this will make it easier to get a paleo diet meal at a restaurant. At higher end restaurants it is possible to get pastured beef, lamb and chicken, but at a very high cost. Maybe this will also encourage consumers in general to look for and purchase grass fed and pastured products.ᅠ Groups encourage [...]

“Experts”: Specially-raised meats no safer to eat

I love these “experts”. Usually they’ve been hired by the local meat processor just to assure people that they are buying safe food. But who ever has hired them, they’re missing the point. When cattle are raised in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operationsᅠ(CAFOs) they are cramped together, unnaturally. Then they are fed grains, corn and soy, [...]

How gas drilling contaminates your food

Who would have thought that this is possible? Extracting natural gas from the earth could be contaminating our food supply.ᅠ Back on his pasture, Jaffe gestured to a pond in a bowl-like valley surrounded by sloping pastures and hillsides of maples, white pines, and blossoming wild cherries and apple trees, that, along with wells on [...]