Pastured animal products

Is There A Place for Vegetarianism on the Paleo Diet?

What do Angela Stokes Monarch’s Raw Reform, Joe Cross’s Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin’s Skinny Bitch, T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study, and this report that vegetarian diets are scientifically proven to cause weight loss have in common? A number of things, actually: They each share the story of individuals [...]

Is The Paleo Diet Just Low-Carb in Disguise?

After the recent Ancestral Health Symposium, there was a lot of talk in the blogosphere about how a large percentage of the presenters were from the low-carb community. Tom Naughton, Dr. Eades, and Gary Taubes to name but a few. But does that mean that the Paleo diet is just another low-carb diet in disguise, [...]

Organic v. Local: Which Is Best for the Paleo Diet?

Best of both worlds? Organic vegetables at a local farmers’ market in Argentina (photo courtesy of Wikipedia) I’m a member of a couple of very informative, supportive Facebook groups which are based around the paleo diet.  Members post their paleo experiences enthusiastically on a daily basis: weight-loss success stories; delicious recipes; testimonials of changes in health [...]

Eating Animals Ethically on the Paleo Diet

For many people, the benefits of the Paleo diet are clear: great nourishment, deep culinary satisfaction, freedom from the blood sugar roller-coaster, and the ability to shrink down to optimum body weight without ever having to go hungry. For some, however, the idea of a diet based around animal products is a step too far. [...]

The Paleo Diet According to Ask Men Magazine

Ask Men Magazine recently published an article simply entitled “Paleo Diet”, which was written by Health Correspondent Shannon Clark. The article was later reprinted on Do they really ask men anything? Finally, a diet that actually encourages you to eat protein, protein and more protein. Since it’s still early on in the game, we’re not yet sure [...]

Vegans, the UN and the Paleo Diet

The U.N. wants us all to be vegan. No, really it’s true. The video below is a propaganda piece about a report written to justify pushing humanity toward a vegan diet. The video is also filled with not too subtle messages about meat consumption. The basis for the reasoning behind the U.N.’s push is because [...]

Rawesome Foods Raided by the LA Sheriff’s Office, FDA, CDC, Dept of Agriculture

Yesterday evening I posted the article below while still rather upset at the news of the raid on Rawesome Food’s facitility. I have since learned that they were operating without a license and had been doing so since opening in 2007. From YoVenice website  : Rawesome, a health market in Venice, failed to obtain a [...]

Cured Meats and the Paleo Diet

Dr. William Campbell Douglass is a different type of physician. He really wants people to get better. Because of that he is considered controversial. In fact he’s been called “the conscience of modern medicine”. His insight into human health is unique and worth considering. He is definitely not mainstream. I really enjoy his writing style [...]

Meat Filled Mondays on the Paleo Diet

You may have heard about meatless Mondays. This is an effort to get people to eat less meat because the belief is that eating meat is unhealthy and bad for the environment and possibly adding to global warming. But there is one man who is fighting back from this lunacy by offering meat filled Mondays. [...]

Raw Dairy and Freedom - and the Paleo Diet

The latest on the raw dairy front: California, which I thought had laws allowing the sale of raw dairy products, is challenging a small dairy (two cows!) who sells raw milk to about 15 customers. Actually she is not selling the milk, she is selling shares of her cows. But the state still insists that [...]