Paleo Diet Reviews

Another CBS Station, WAFB, Reports on the Paleo Diet

The news about the Paleo diet continues to spread. The latest TV affiliate to pick up the story is WAFB, the CBS station in Baton Rouge, LA. The story focuses on Bethany France who has lost 85 lbs following the Paleo diet, in about 11 months. What a fantastic result! Bethany, like so many of [...]

Paleo Diet Videos: Dr. Joe “Fat-Then-Fit” Leonardi and Calton Nutrition

In conjunction with Barry Cripps “Thursday Link Love” I thought I’d post a few good Paleo Diet videos that I came across this week. Paleo Diet Videos: Dr. Joe “Fat-then-fit” Leonardi The first two Paleo diet videos are from Dr. Joe “Fat-then-fit” Leonardi, chiropractor extraordinaire, who posted two videos as a reply to Dr. Melina [...]

Paleo Diet: Sunday Link Love!

  As usual, there’s a wealth of great information being shared on paleo diet blogs all round the web.  Here, in Sunday Link Love is a selection of just a few…. The Food + Tech Connect blog shared a fascinating microcamera eyes’ view of the passage of different types of food through the human digestive system.  [...]

Boost Your Weight-Loss Resolution With The Paleo Diet

Now that we’re well into January, you may be taking stock of your New Year’s resolution to lose a few pounds.  How’s it going?  If you’re struggling (dieting isn’t easy) you may be interested in taking an approach which involves eating large and satisyfing portions of real food.  Perhaps its time to boost your weight-loss [...]

The Paleo Diet and the Calorie Myth

Given that millions of people will be on their post-Christmas diets, it’s nice to see some sensible messages getting out on a couple of paleo diet blogs about the fallacy of the “eat less, exercise more” method of losing weight - otherwise known as the calorie myth. Here’s what Dr. John Briffa has to say [...]

The Paleo Diet Firefighter and the Expert

An article on the Washingtonian Magazine website describes the activity and food choices made by a female firefighter. Her food choices are fairly typical for a busy person following the Paleo diet on a more or less informal basis. As you will read, a few non-paleo items crept in during the 4 day log of [...]

Paleo Diet News: Gary Taubes Debunks Dieting

In the aftermath to the holiday season - when millions are lamenting the weight they’ve gained during the festivities - two articles about dieting have stood out for me, because they’ve each achieved an unusual degree of prominence.  One is the New York Times article The Fat Trap, which argues that once a person is fat, [...]

Paleo Diet Restaurant Review: Sake & Samba

Did you know that there are restaurants out there that are naturally Paleo? I didn’t, until I went to a Japanese & Brazilian steakhouse called Sake and Samba. Located in Vernon Hills, Illinois, this restaurant features meat, meat and more meat. You pay one price and the meat keeps coming. This was definitely a one [...]

Fourth CBS Affiliate Reports on the Paleo Diet

A fourth CBS affiliate has reported on the Paleo diet. This latest report comes from CBS 13 in Sacramento CA. Reporter, Amy Carabba went to a Crossfit gym in Marysville CA and interviewed Lori Thomas about the Paleo diet and exercising like a caveman (or cave woman). Fourth CBS Affiliate Reports on the Paleo Diet [...]

Is the Paleo Diet Conservative?

This is not a question that I had ever considered asking myself before, “is the Paleo diet conservative?” I figured it was an eating plan, a lifestyle, basically a way of living to improve one’s health that was entirely unconnected to politics. But there is one conservative writer who seems to think it is. Jack [...]