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Insomnia and the Paleo Diet

This week, in the space of the just 24 hours, I’ve received two separate comments about insomnia and the paleo diet.  The first was from a work colleague who has been giving paleo a try, having seen the fun I’ve had with it.  He told me that after just a week of paleo eating, he’s slept better than he [...]

Paleo Diet: New Study That Suggests Diabetes May Begin in The Intestine

Most people in the Paleo and low-carb communities are pretty sure that they already know what causes obesity and diabetes. It’s all about those dastardly carbs, right? We all know that eating too many carbohydrates……any carbohydrates, over a long period of time, is what leads to Insulin resistance, and ultimately diabetes. But is that true? [...]

Paleo Diet: Sunday Link Love!

  As usual, there’s a wealth of great information being shared on paleo diet blogs all round the web.  Here, in Sunday Link Love is a selection of just a few…. The Food + Tech Connect blog shared a fascinating microcamera eyes’ view of the passage of different types of food through the human digestive system.  [...]

Killing Some Sacred Cows of the Paleo Diet

Killing Some Sacred Cows of the Paleo Diet

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s article on the winding path of paleo, I thought it would be worth posting this fascinating discussion between Harvard University’s Matt Lalonde and Steve from Evolution: This View Of Life. It’s of particular interest, because - as you’ll see - Lalonde takes a scientific approach to evolutionary nutrition that amounts [...]

The Winding Path of Paleo

I’ve been spending some time recently reflecting on my paleo journey: evaluating my progress to date; re-evaluating my goals; and considering my options for the future… Heavy stuff, huh?  Well, this reverie was prompted by the fact that I’ve reached the point where my immersion in paleo literature, paleo-based friendships, and online paleo/primal communities brings [...]

Paleo Diet: When is High Carb Better Than Low Carb?

With the debate still on-going, it seems that Danny Roddy of “Hair Like a Fox”, and Paul Jaminet of “The Perfect Health Diet”, firmly have each other’s attention right now. Danny follows the teachings of Dr. Raymond Peat, who is health science historian, and proponent of a higher-carb, high sugar/fructose diet, whereas Paul follows his [...]

Paleo Diet: More Evidence That Fiber is Not A Good Thing

I’ve been saying for some time that contrary to popular belief, fiber is not necessary in the human diet, and could possibly do much more harm than good. Insoluble fiber cannot be digested in the intestine, so it remains intact all the way through the digestive tract, scraping and irritating as it goes on it’s [...]

Is Insulin REALLY To Blame For Making People Fat?

Almost two years ago now, I read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes, and my world was officially rocked. It all made sense….Carbs make us fat, plain and simple. Carbohydrates and insulin combined are the devil, and together are responsible for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and every chronic disease the average person can [...]

Paleo Diet News: Monday Link Love

Let’s get the week off to a great paleo start with a round up of some great paleo articles - some new, some old - from around the web.  It’s Monday Link Love time!  Have a good one, paleo peeps… The Being Primal blog takes a look at how different elements of a paleo approach [...]

Maybe Paula Deen Needs Paleo?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, trying to keep a safe distance between yourself and the insane American government, you’ve probably heard about Paula Deen’s recent announcement that she is in fact a Type II Diabetic. This revelation has caused quite a stir, because evidently, some people are a little upset that it took [...]