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Boost Your Weight-Loss Resolution With The Paleo Diet

Now that we’re well into January, you may be taking stock of your New Year’s resolution to lose a few pounds.  How’s it going?  If you’re struggling (dieting isn’t easy) you may be interested in taking an approach which involves eating large and satisyfing portions of real food.  Perhaps its time to boost your weight-loss [...]

Is Your Diet Negatively Affecting Your Thyroid?

When I addressed the issue of the theory of “Safe Starches” as outlined in the “Perfect Health Diet” book, a couple of months ago, one of the reasons given by Paul Jaminet for eating a certain amount of starches, was that being low-carb for too long can negatively affect thyroid function. I didn’t really think [...]

Paleo Diet Vegetable Latkes

I was going to call this recipe kohlrabi latkes, but then I started to use other vegetables like zucchini, turnips and carrots. Basically you can use any firm root vegetable. Of course the idea was to make low carbohydrate Paleo diet latkes for Hanukkah, instead of the standard potato latkes. Naturally, if you are eating [...]

How Far From Paleo Has Danny Roddy Flown?

I’m sure most of you have heard of Danny Roddy before. For a while, he was the co-host of Chris Kresser’s Healthy Skeptic podcast, and he maintains a blog simply called “The Danny Roddy Weblog”. Before he left Chris Kresser’s show, he spoke frequently about his main interest, which is hair. That’s right, hair. Specifically, [...]

Paleo Diet News: Gary Taubes Debunks Dieting

In the aftermath to the holiday season - when millions are lamenting the weight they’ve gained during the festivities - two articles about dieting have stood out for me, because they’ve each achieved an unusual degree of prominence.  One is the New York Times article The Fat Trap, which argues that once a person is fat, [...]

Paleo Diet: Make A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

I see it every year at this time. I pull into the gym parking lot, and find it full to the brim with vehicles. Some I recognize, but the majority I do not. If it were any other day of the year, I would assume that some big event was taking place, but not this [...]

Paleo Diet Restaurant Review: Sake & Samba

Did you know that there are restaurants out there that are naturally Paleo? I didn’t, until I went to a Japanese & Brazilian steakhouse called Sake and Samba. Located in Vernon Hills, Illinois, this restaurant features meat, meat and more meat. You pay one price and the meat keeps coming. This was definitely a one [...]

Fourth CBS Affiliate Reports on the Paleo Diet

A fourth CBS affiliate has reported on the Paleo diet. This latest report comes from CBS 13 in Sacramento CA. Reporter, Amy Carabba went to a Crossfit gym in Marysville CA and interviewed Lori Thomas about the Paleo diet and exercising like a caveman (or cave woman). Fourth CBS Affiliate Reports on the Paleo Diet [...]

New Study Links Starch With Breast Cancer

According to an article posted on Sciencedaily.com on December 8th 2011, entitled “Starch Intake May Influence Risk for Breast Cancer Recurrence, Study Suggests”, starch intake (Note: specifically starch, and not just any old carbohydrate) is responsible for an increased risk of breast cancer. “Researchers have linked increased starch intake to a greater risk for breast [...]

Eat Even More Chocolate on the Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet can offer protection against many conditions and diseases like diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), general inflammation, cancer, heart disease and more. It is known that the excessive consumption of carbohydrates, refined and complex carbs, contribute to these diseases.  Now there is a  reason for chocolate lovers to rejoice! A study was recently [...]