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Paleo Diet News Review: Escape The Diet Trap

Paleo Diet News Review: Escape The Diet Trap

I reviewed Dr Briffa’s previous book Waist Disposal here on Paleo Diet News last year. That one focused on fat loss for men, and did so in an admirably clear way, utilising a diet based solidly on paleo precepts.  Since it came out, I’ve recommended it to numerous male friends who have mentioned their need [...]

Paleo Diet: Carbsane Vs. Kruse

You know, I guess at some point someone is going to yell at me for helping to spread the negativity and dissension within the Paleo community, and my reply will probably be of the inevitable “Don’t shoot the messenger!!” kind. I happen to think….as many people do…..that what these people who are being attacked, bring [...]

Paleo Diet: McEwen Vs. Kruse Part I

I thought about naming this post, “ready, aim, fire” or, “Trouble in Paradise”, but ultimately I thought it would be easier to just call it what it is; “McEwen Vs. Kruse Part I”. Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that although I make it my business to report on these [...]

Paleo Diet: Glutathione Protects Against Asthma

Just today, March 31st 2012, Chris Masterjohn published a brand new article on the Weston A. Price Foundation website, entitled “With the Wave of a Wand, Raw Milk Wipes Away the Wheeze: How Our Good Friend Glutathione Protects Against Asthma”. Yes, with a title of that length, it’s obvious that Chris has a bit of [...]

Do You Live Paleo, or Just Eat Paleo?

There is a great guest post published today, over at the Free The Animal blog by Russ Crandall, entitled “The Difference Between Eating Paleo and “Being Paleo””. Russ, evidently attended the recent PaleoFX Symposium, and came to a few conclusions about what it means to either “be Paleo” or just “eat Paleo”. “I can honestly [...]

What’s All This Cold Water Stuff About?

Cold Thermogenesis Some people call it simply an “Ice Bath”., while others call it “Cold Therapy”, “Cold Water Immersion”, or “Cryotherapy”. Dr Jack Kruse of the “Living an Optimized Life” blog calls his own brand of cold therapy “Cold Thermogenesis” or “CT” for short. Everyone’s talking about it, but what’s all this cold water stuff [...]

More Media Coverage of the Paleo Diet

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on how many CBS affiliates around the US have reported on the Paleo diet, but I’ve lost count. The latest station, CBS 4 in Miami, has a short report which features two people who are following the Paleo diet for different reasons. More Media Coverage of the Paleo Diet [...]

Paleo Diet: Fighting Within The Ranks…AGAIN!

I guess it was bound to happen. For a while there, the Paleo community on the whole seemed to get along nicely, like one large reasonably cohesive family…..but now, not so much. Recently, the Paleo community has witnessed a little, sometimes-unfriendly fighting within the ranks. First, everyone began taking shots at Don Matesz for his [...]

Paleo Diet: To Kefir or Not To Kefir?

Generally speaking, to be “Paleo” means to practice the exclusion of several groups of foods, that are seen as major contributors to ill health and disease. The strict autoimmune Paleo protocol (which is even more strict than normal Paleo) calls for the elimination of all grains, legumes, and dairy, but does that mean that all [...]

The Paleo Summit - Day 6

Wow! The Paleo Summit keeps getting better and better! Today Sean Croxton is interviewing Paul Chek, founder of the C.H.E.K. Institute, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, health educators and the developers of the Whole9 Life program, and Dr. Allison Siebecker a naturopathic doctor.   Paul Chek – Living Primal: Instinct Before Intellect With so much research [...]