More Media Coverage of the Paleo Diet

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on how many CBS affiliates around the US have reported on the Paleo diet, but I’ve lost count. The latest station, CBS 4 in Miami, has a short report which features two people who are following the Paleo diet for different reasons.

More Media Coverage of the Paleo Diet

More media coverage of the Paleo diet is a good thing for this lifestyle, as long as the reports are accurate. So far they have been, this one included. The featured individuals, Thad Foot and Tara Grant (we’ve seen her before in other media stories about the Paleo diet) showed two different reasons for being Paleo.

Thad Foot’s goal is to be stronger.

Pinecrest resident Thad Foot, 38, said the diet gives him strength to do stand up paddle boarding.

“I want to get stronger,” he said….

…Foot’s goal is to stay strong and by this spring be able to paddle board from Bimini, in the Bahamas to Miami.

That’s quite a goal Thad! Good luck with that!

Tara’s goals strike closer to home for me, improved health and weight loss

Tara Grant, 37, did the same diet for a different reason.

“I had polycystic ovarian syndrome,” said Grant. “Now, it’s gone. 

I had endometriosis. Now it’s gone!”

At 250 pounds she also had an extra 100 pounds on her.  That’s gone too for this primal girl in a modern world.  She’s followed the Paleo Diet for two years.  Her goal is to stay fit.

Also mentioned in this report was the Ancestral Health Symposium.

All this was discussed among the hundreds of researchers, scientists, doctors and nutritionists from around the world who discussed the Paleo Movement.

At a sold out symposium in California the focus was Ancestral health.  The ides is that our DNA has changed little since the late Paleolithic Era.  That means our bodies are better suited from prehistoric, not modern times.

And our favorite author, Mark Sisson, made it into the report as well with his sound bite:

Mark Sisson, the author of the book “The Primal Blueprint” said, “We are hunters, gatherers, living in the twenty first century with all this technology and we don’t know what to do with it.”

While more media coverage of the Paleo diet is a good thing, let’s hope that it stays accurate!



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