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Paleo Diet: Glutathione Protects Against Asthma

Just today, March 31st 2012, Chris Masterjohn published a brand new article on the Weston A. Price Foundation website, entitled “With the Wave of a Wand, Raw Milk Wipes Away the Wheeze: How Our Good Friend Glutathione Protects Against Asthma”. Yes, with a title of that length, it’s obvious that Chris has a bit of [...]

Who Are Your Paleo Diet Heroes?

Who are your paleo diet heroes? I was pondering this question recently after someone asked me how I “discovered” paleo.  Perhaps surprisingly, I realized that I had found my way via 1990s low-fat fitness star Susan Powter, who recommended the work of the herbalist Susun Weed, who led me to the work of Sally Fallon and [...]

Paleo Diet: Raw Meat Appetizers

Does the sound of eating raw meat appetizers on the paleo diet sound appealing to you?  It did - and does - to many so-called primitive peoples, as Sally Fallon outlines in her reknowned traditional-foods cookbook, Nourishing Traditions: When Dr. Weston Price made his pioneering studies of primitive peoples around the world, he was struck by [...]

The Paleo Approach to Healthy Teeth

Have you been considering adopting a paleo approach to healthy teeth?  A key tenet of paleo eating is the avoidance of anti-nutrients, toxins and factory-produced chemicals. Have you seen the ingredients list on a tube of toothpaste lately?  If so, you’ll realise that many commercially available toothpastes are far from suitable for a paleo lifestyle.  [...]

Paleo Diet: Could Sulfur Be a Hidden Factor in Heart Disease and Diabetes?

In an un-dated article on Mercola.com, Dr. Mercola managed to grab my attention and firmly hold onto it, with an article titled “Could THIS Be the Hidden Factor Behind Obesity, Heart Disease, and Chronic Fatigue?”. Considering all of the recent talk about the heated “Cause of Obesity” debate between Gary Taubes, Stephen Guyenet, and just [...]

How to Cheat (Sort Of) on the Paleo Diet

One of the main reasons I prefer to think of the paleo approach as a “lifestyle” rather than a “diet” is that the word diet often implies its opposite: cheating! Of course, the beauty of the paleo diet is that it’s deeply satisfying, so breaking the diet becomes much less of a temptation.  However, many [...]

Sally Fallon talks about soy….

This is one short video about soy, from a series of video interviews of Sally Fallon. They are all very interesting and worth watching. Even though I am following a paleo diet, I came to it through the Weston A. Price Foundation. I think the only real difference between what I now do and what [...]