Primal Blueprint

Is the Paleo Diet Conservative?

This is not a question that I had ever considered asking myself before, “is the Paleo diet conservative?” I figured it was an eating plan, a lifestyle, basically a way of living to improve one’s health that was entirely unconnected to politics. But there is one conservative writer who seems to think it is. Jack [...]

Wolf or Sisson, Primal or Paleo?

In the last week or so, two GIANTS of the ancestral health world decided to almost simultaneously release their own versions of a Paleo/Primal quick start guide, to help all of the ancestral health newbies get a strong start on their personal road to health. First, on October 6th 2011, Robb Wolf released the “Robb [...]

Paleo Diet News Review: The Primal Blueprint

How to Cheat (Sort Of) on the Paleo Diet

One of the main reasons I prefer to think of the paleo approach as a “lifestyle” rather than a “diet” is that the word diet often implies its opposite: cheating! Of course, the beauty of the paleo diet is that it’s deeply satisfying, so breaking the diet becomes much less of a temptation.  However, many [...]