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Paleo Diet News: Sunday Recipes

Paleo Diet News: Sunday Recipes

A quick round-up of Sunday recipes for your paleo diet today! Starter - Lemony Asparagus Soup A good soup is always a great way to get started with a great meal.  There are a host of great paleo-friendly soup recipes over at, but this one - Lemony Asparagus Soup, which can be served hot [...]

A Day’s Eating on the Paleo Diet

Today, I’m going to be brief!  Internet issues mean I keep getting booted offline, so I figure I’ve got just about enough time to post these three videos, which make up a day’s eating on the paleo diet: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Enjoy! Breakfast Lunch Dinner So there you have it - a day’s eating [...]

Paleo Diet: Thursday Recipe Roundup

Got guests coming for dinner at the weekend?  Ready for a challenge in the kitchen?  Or are you just looking for some fresh ideas for your paleo diet?  Look no further - it’s Thursday Recipe Roundup which means we’ve gathered together an interesting selection of ideas from around the web. Start your day right with a [...]

Paleo Diet Blog Review: Civilized Caveman

We were caught short today on Paleo Diet News.  An unforeseen, unforeseeable circumstance prevented the publication of today’s regular article earlier today and the spare article, for such an eventuality, was not there, having been used last week. But such events, far from being disasters can actually become opportunities to bring to light some interesting [...]