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Paleo Diet News: Easter Link Love

Well, Easter has come and gone, and I was incredibly busy what with all of the kids and family stuff, so I figured that I’d throw out one of those useful link-love posts. The bloggers slowed down a bit over the holiday, so hopefully they’ll pick up a buy cialis online gain this week, otherwise [...]

Paleo Diet News: Friday Link Love

Watchout, here come the excuses! The main reason that I chose to do a link post today is because I’m currently dropping into deep Ketosis after eating a high-carb diet for the last month. I’m 24 hours in, I’ve eaten less than 10grams of carbs today, and my brain is barely functioning at this point. [...]

Paleo Diet: Sunday Link Love!

  As usual, there’s a wealth of great information being shared on paleo diet blogs all round the web.  Here, in Sunday Link Love is a selection of just a few…. The Food + Tech Connect blog shared a fascinating microcamera eyes’ view of the passage of different types of food through the human digestive system.  [...]