Paleo Diet News: Easter Link Love

Well, Easter has come and gone, and I was incredibly busy what with all of the kids and family stuff, so I figured that I’d throw out one of those useful link-love posts. The bloggers slowed down a bit over the holiday, so hopefully they’ll pick up a

gain this week, otherwise I won’t have much to write about!



On Robb Wolf’s Blog:

Mrs. USA 2011 Shannon Ford: Raising Awareness About Celiac Disease


Nutrition Certification Update!


From the Health Correlator:

If you NEAT is low, maybe you should chill


At Cooling Inflammation:

Dr. Oz, Constipation, Soluble Fiber, Food Intolerance


Over at

Big Brains Require An Explanation, Part V: Re-Orienting Ourselves In Time, and Why Are There “Southern Apes” In Ethiopia?


Melissa at Hunt, Gather, Love, lays it down:

Uses and misuses of evolutionary biology 2


Danny Roddy brings us:

Your Ideas About Lipids Are Offensive


An interesting post at Functional Performance Systems:

The AIDS debate that isn’t


On Science Daily:


Caffeine and Exercise May Be Protective Against Skin Cancer Caused by Sun Exposure, Study Suggests


That’s all for now…..I’ll try to be creative later today.


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